Pokemon after graduating. Thinking about making more like this, hell, there are a lot left to do. Let's see how this does first.<br /> OC good? OC bad? Yo Pokemon graduating slowpoke alakazam charizard Jigglypuff magikarp
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Pokemon after graduating

Pokemon after graduating
After graduating at IO, Alakazam came up with the theory of everything and
learned how try control the entire Universe with his mind.
Charizard bullied his way to the top getting a first bachlor' s degree in
sport science and won 5 gold medals at the Olympics, retired at 35.
The young, ditsy Jigglypuff never did grow up, using her cuteness to get through
life stopped when she hit 30, committing suicide after losing her tastiness.
did, eventually, evolve but as a Gyarados with no self esteem he got
a deadhand office job in finance living his life with great disappointment
Slowpoke. .. He lived his life working out a single maths problem, before
dying he finally worked out that .
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