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#55 - anon id: eb551317
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(12/20/2009) [-]
I wanna play a little game....You must defeat the game of super smash bros melee. using only....
Pikachu, without power ups, or weapons, only your characters attacks.
You have 60minutes.
The rape starts now!
OOps i forgot...disk is scratched...uh...the other copy is in your stomach use that dirty fork over there...nope thats a spoon...
Oh **** it your gonna die, there some porn in that milk crate.
But wheres the key? Follow your minimap. You may just unlock the level: URANUS! Muahaha you now have 45 minutes

Captcha (Clock) The irony!
#56 to #55 - anon id: 2a3980a6
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(12/20/2009) [-]
this actually made me lol