Ad win. Another epic ad win<br /> my captcha was lusty lol. top fdl. d" By: :: -unleas Fiag s: =_ -. I The teacher says, "I' m going to ask some I: p. Qes ad advert tiger woods funny joke
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Ad win

Another epic ad win<br />
my captcha was lusty lol

top fdl. d" By: :: -unleas Fiag
s: =_ -. I The teacher says, "I' m going to ask some I: p. Qestions.
answers the questions first and correctly may leave early today.‘
f " TFE: YWY Little Johnny says to himself, “Good, " ' here. I' m smart
an ca: E an D" The teacher asked. The said: 1' -our Score and Search ‘Years "597.
s FCAE- DC: P/ N "Abraham Lilcoin." The teacher said, "That' s Hum, Susie.
5 Ci., E . . . “W The teacher asked, The said, if Have a Dream?" Hetero Johnny
3 -- .,! I -! could open his mouth, Mary said, “Harlin Luther King". The
TX"" Clo'% n; "''.. teacher said, "That' s right leafy. You may go". Johnny was even
1 To Ere At N r, 1' Tti, Hwy answered that.
isl.. h -.-. The teacher asked, "Who said their not what your country can do
Before Johnny could open his mouth, Haney said, "John
Kennedy’. The teacher said, "That' s right Nancy. You may go".
Johnny was BOILING HAD. Haney answered first.
Then the teacher turned her back and Johnny said, iif wish these
N NE Le/ J) hitches would keep their mouths shut."
1-. . -[' 5 The teacher asked. who some THAT?"
Johnny said, "TIGER ‘! {IAN I lit} HEW?"
f.', Internett Protected Mode: En
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Submitted: 12/19/2009
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#1 - anonymous (12/19/2009) [+] (3 replies)
wow..obviously a repost, dont try to repost something if you cant even right-click on the picture and click save as...

Captcha: hairy, just like this situtation.
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