how to build a great pokemon team. deds to SillyNewt for the top middle pic.<br /> Most likely most of u'z know how to play pokemon and how to build a goo Pokemon How to build a Good Team

how to build a great pokemon team

deds to SillyNewt for the top middle pic.<br />
Most likely most of u'z know how to play pokemon and how to build a good team. this is just my opoinion on how to make ateam<br />
OC<br />
ctrl + to zoom if needed

so you want to be the best, eh?
Well here is some ups (if u. a noob, ocaust want some advice) on building really
my off, You must create a balanced team them
are 17 different types of pokemon out there so Example of a balance, team
dont past throw all your eggs into 1 basket Try
Water Electric Crass codeing as many types ass possible without (not Swampert Battleground
saying you cant) having doubles in one type This, venusar. )
E? in the long um will allow you to adapt to most banana
etc situations Just by swapping out you pokemon weavile Darkelf,
Poison Flying Psychic , such
5 Ghost Dragon Dark .
Note, you dent have to decide what you team will
be before you play mung a yea! team is an
a evolving process in the game
weavile, I item, IS one of the few legendary slayers Note that MOST
legendary pokemon are either phychic, or dragon types weavile (bang
a Dark- lee type) IS best equip: -ad to deal with them As sun Tu once
made clear, "You must strike first and may weavile attack and speed
ts what makes it the best at taking down legends beware though,
teatime defences arent that good
Don' t Just make a pokemon learn moves
expe. ament a little No one would expect
your Rydon to know thunda. bolt
mum ts a key to new (if playing against a human mt}
swung of
legendarys, I don' t
use 'em too cheap
Example Luca's moves
Move 1 Aura Sphere
Move 2 me
Move 5 Psychic unexpected moveis- possible game change. they have
Move 4 Dragon Pulse hage stat Trysts
belive only nooks
use them
You must what moves your
pokemon are weak against this will
allow you to protect your team,
Attack how mm physical attacks are
Defence lower damage taken from physical attacks M Atta k most my making certain
man s
speed how fast your pokemon ts, attack hive Chan t
special attack how mm spend attacks are H_ mam All “km” have some of ability, some jaseve
Spend defence lowers damage from spend attacks and some active only during certant conditions most
amines somehow aid tn battle, however there are
some that Just hurt you
Battle only stats
Evasion how likely your pokemon will dodge the
Make sure you heal out
Ch atleast have a bunch Accuracy how likely your pokemon ts able to hit It' s
of healing was target
Gary Oak
lastly, you want to main you
team so that they are only 1 or 2 Hell always
levels tn may to each other rick a fight at
the worst my
wouldnt want it. most powerful
pokemon being KO d and
having a bunch low leveled guys
that will Just get
beaten up easily
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User avatar #1 - SillyNewt (11/11/2010) [+] (3 replies)
Nice. Good tips for noobs or anybody who has not played in awhile.
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