Get ready for NOSTALGIA!. Thumb if you remember<br /> This always was my favorite movie as a kid <3.. Damn I loved this movie xD the brave little Toaster get Ready for nostalgia
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User avatar #1 - Syconix (11/10/2010) [-]
Damn I loved this movie xD
User avatar #2 - yourfaced (11/10/2010) [-]
I had this on VHS as a kid. watched it so much I wore it out.
#4 - BoboJClown **User deleted account** (11/10/2010) [+] (4 replies)
**** you faggot! I burned that **** after I watched it. I was not about to let that movie be one of the movies my sisters watched over and over. **** that movie, but more importantly **** you for reminding me of its existence.

P.S. Assshole.
#9 to #7 - BoboJClown **User deleted account** (11/12/2010) [-]
No, no, I gave a green thumb. Its just that I personally didnt like the movie, but apparently everybody else did so, I gave thumb, made my comment, and moved on.
User avatar #8 - XEC **User deleted account** (11/11/2010) [-]
that clown scared the **** out of me. it still does. hell, most clowns do
#3 - anonymous (11/10/2010) [-]
holy ****
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