Depressing Quote Comp. Prepare for dark, brooding sadness.<br /> 20 Thumbs for more. Walk in room. Room is empty. Realise that you' re adrift in an uncari
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Depressing Quote Comp

Prepare for dark, brooding sadness.<br />
20 Thumbs for more

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Walk in room.
Room is empty. Realise that you' re adrift
in an uncaring world, in which everyone
is only out to help themselves, that all
human interaction is based on lies and
selfishness. Realise you' ll never find true
love because love doesn' t exist. Realise
that your entire life will not leave
lasting impression on the world, and your
entire legacy will be reduced to an empty,ā€œ
corpse. Realise than no matter
how many people you surround yourself
with you will die alone.
What do.
you know.
if you stay up late.
you' re just going to make it
harder for yourself"
maybe l,
am i like it that way,
i like the numbness that comes with being
exhausted, the oblivion, and the quiet chaos
that exists only in my own head
everybody elses problems are suddenly
the farthest from my own, because i have things
kiril deal with too
if iā€™ m tired, i have a qualified excuse
to keep to myself at home, to evade
the constant problems that don' t cobern me anyway
sometimes i don' t even need to try
to block things out.
the exhaustion see it for me;
and i like that"
can fl. an -: on the aneh
Lock again ifthat dot. That' s here. That' s home. Thais us.
On it everyone you love. everyone you know. everyone you
ever heard of every human being who everwer. lived out
their lives. The aggregate of and suffering. thousands
of confident religions. ideologies. and economic doctrines.
every hunter and forager. every hero and coward. every
creator and destroyer of civilization. every king and peasant.
every young couple in love. every mother and father. hopeful
child. inventor and explorer. every teacher of morals. every
corrupt politician. every "superstar." every "supreme leader."
every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there
on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam."
Carl Sagan.
You are here
The Earth as imaged from the the voyager I
spacecraft, as it exited the solar system in 1990.
Earth is nearly It milieu miles away in this image.
Cl sad? Thumbs for sadness
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Submitted: 11/09/2010
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User avatar #3 - FlyingToast (11/10/2010) [+] (1 reply)
No I understand why they called 4 billion a "Sagan"
User avatar #2 - DarklyDreaming (11/10/2010) [-]
you are on a rock floating in space... you spend your time trying to impress strangers you will never meet.

now inspire the masses

First you have to give up, first you have to know... not fear... know... that someday you're gonna die
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