wincest story, worth the read. OC bitches. 588 KB. 2560x1600, , jpg) N Cloth's ene time I was just chillin in my rnsm playing GTA 3 when the phone started ringi Incest is Winces The Game
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wincest story, worth the read

588 KB. 2560x1600, , jpg)
N Cloth's ene time I was just chillin in my rnsm playing GTA 3 when the phone started ringing. I was en seme mission that was really
T h hard., and I failed it twice already and I didn' t feel like starting it ever again, SC) I yelled and told harte grab it. It kept ringing and I was
gettin mere pissed. and I ended up fucking up and Desing the mission. Se I got really pissed and walked to her rnsm and opened the
4 H E Lt I deedee find her en the floor naked with her head back and her back up against her dresser. She had my dad' s old paperthin he
never used anymore and she was hitting the button en the side SC) it weild vibrate. She heard me knock her deer epin and she
started screaming "OH MY GOD GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM" and I immediately got red and started to leave her rnsm. Like 15 minutes Intell
was in my rnsm walking circles in GTA 3 trying to figure sut what the hel just happened when she walked into my rnsm.
More Deming. it might take like 5 mins to type sut
So anyways she walked into my rnsm and I started blushing again. I could feel it en my face Isl. Anyways she said something along the lines sf "You
should have knocked ysu know" and I said "Yeah well ysu should Isak ysub deer ifyou' re going to do that."
Yeah well, how much did ysu see?"
Not everything"
Well what is "net everything"?"
I saw ysub boobs, but ysub hand was blocking uh. --"
She sounded kind sf upset when she said that. Almost like she wanted me to see . Then she said To ysu want to see all sf me?"
Yon heard me- Would ysu want to see me. Like. completely naked?"
Have ysu ever seen a girl naked befire?"
No, but Joey shewed me a Playboy befire. SC) that counts"
Here I' ll shew you"
She grabbed my hand and put it into her sweat pants. At first I didn' t do anything, but alter a second i started moving my fingers and feeling around.
I noticed it was wet. It felt really weird, but I could tell she wanted me to keep going.
continuing fuck typing god dammit
Se as I started feeling around mere I started getting kind sf hard. She pulled my hand out and said "I' m not letting you gs any further until you let me touch
We way ferget it"
Oh s' men it' s not like I haven' t seen years befire"
Yeah well that was years age when we were little. Things change eyu know. It would be weird."
I let ysu touch mine now you let me touch years er I' m telling Dad that ysu teached me."
I hate you"
I pulled dawn my pants and immediately my boner popped althrough the hole in my boxers. She Geeked surprised that I was hard. I den' t think she ever
saw a hard penis befire. She walked ever and Geeked at it fer about 10 decends befire touching it with her hand. She told me how hot and hard it was.
She asked "What does it feel like?"
I den' t know. It feels like how it leeks it would feel."
Then she started teaching my balls and moving them around in her hand. I had a little premium coming sut ofthe tip sf my cock and she noticed it.
Whats that?" she asked
Its like lube that semes sut when guys get hard"
Girls do that tee- sen of"
Can I see?"
She pulled her sweatpants off and stepped out sf her panties. I was surprised at how nice her legs were. I asked ifl could try rubbing my penis en her
vague and she agree-
Twasn' t expecting harte just jump en my cock. I' m not gonna lie it actually hurt. She was wet. but my cock wasn' t SC) it didn' t feel to good. But she started
pumping up and down and it felt fucking great. She kept going and I was gonna ask ifi could touch hermits- but I figured we were beyond that SC) I just went
fer it and started licking. She started moaning quite a bit. That turned me en a let mere. We thaught we heard something SC) she got off me and went into
the seiner sf my rnsm. She was pretty freaked sut Isl. I went to my deer and Geeked around but nobody was there. Then I turned around and was laying en
my bed with her legs spread. I immediately Geeked my deer and stuck my cock in her pussy. She started moaning, and then I pulled out and asked if she
would get pregnant. said that she souldnt. Looking back en it I know she was lying like a dumb bitch, but I didn' t know any betterthan. So befire
diving back in I leaned ever and started to eat her out. It tasted really sweet but I noticed a nasty smell. So I kind of used two fingers to leek inside when a
skeleton popped sut-
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I do too. Jesus Christ, I feel so dirty.

Pic related, I think.
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sonofabitch ...
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so much win.