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Age: 16 Age: 20
I have a boyfriend, but
he' s a total dick so I' m
going to cheat! I' ll ten you
I love you and lead you on
for over a year, but I only
want your dick.
I' m only 16, but I' m already
engaged! I' ll fool around with
you until my 26 year old
fiance comes back from NY.
That is, until I get bored and
fuck your friends!
Age: 21
I married the dickhead. but
I' m still going to continue
having sex with you and
telling you that I love you. I' ll
even lie and say I' got
divorce papers!
Age: 26
Age: no
I have a boyfriend in Chicago. I' m totally
going to dump him, but not until alter you
buy me a plane ticket to go do t or
So it turns out that guy is
an asshole. He kicked me
come I' ll go fuck him instead. I' ll suck W and I had to wove to 2, ' , ' ; Pl
everything out of your soul and wallet for Chicago to be with my “:5”: , ‘ma
the next two years to feed my drug and parents: I has it here, can ff . p you _
emotional addictions and then move in I move In with you? Ways wanted to live)
to vote on Prop 19!
with another guy on your birthday Rot in rehab!
Age: Still 25 wen I told her I' d wear something
skimpy since the girls have to
every year. Showing lots of sexy
chest here.. Tonight win be
Hi! I' m the first normal girl to
show interest in you! I don' t _ _
have a boyfriend. dont cheat, Finally it normal girl! Here' s
and have a functioning brain! my number. We can hang
out on Halloween!
N 28 30 I
In 15
17 22
24 29
Extra frame so I drew a
blind dragon with a sword
s' / hi') Ti, E attacking kirby while
f} kirby was on a unicorn.
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