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#229 - Barack
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(11/06/2010) [-]
HELP AND YOU WILL RECEIVE PORN (**** page). Parents installed a parental control that screen caps my computer every (unknown) minutes (or hours). What is this (screen capturing) software called, or how would I preform a proper search on the program to see if I can hide from it?
(Search example: How to hide from a 'Screen capturing program') I'm hoping that there is a better word to generalize 'Screen capturing program'. Thanks a LOT
User avatar #253 to #229 - bobsagget [OP]
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(11/06/2010) [-]
murder your parents
User avatar #251 to #229 - KazumaKyu
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(11/06/2010) [-]
Better yet--find where the program stores/saves the screenshots and delete any that might prove incriminating. Replace the one you delete with any "safe" screenshot of your choosing, so that no-one gets suspicious. Switch out to a different bogus replacement screenshot every week or so, and no-one should be the wiser.

... unless they decide to look at the clock on the bottom-right, but parents are stupid when it comes to computers, if I recall correctly.
User avatar #252 to #251 - KazumaKyu
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(11/06/2010) [-]
This is, of course, assuming that any and all screenshots are not automatically emailed or otherwise transmitted to a separate location, in which case you are quite radically screwed.