The Truth CONFIRMED!. okey so thx to i found out the real truth and how much of an asshole he is so here you have i The Truth of IMa
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The Truth CONFIRMED!. okey so thx to i found out the real truth and how much of an asshole he is so here you have i

okey so thx to i found out the real truth and how much of an asshole he is so here you have it thx for watching

Optionals v
229 - notapotato
Admin confirmed it
You just ) remarried it
It was ******* obvious
Have a nice day.
225 -Mitchellk
it If
I really cannot believe that this is your entire lite.
And it probally is.
And that scares me worse than the idea that you just had an argument with yourselfes teh a place where people just outright do not care.
Surburban turban? Apparently grammar Nazis didnt look at the name.
or #153 - Horriblycrazy .
y. -... Like I just ******* said TWICE, WE DENT GIVE A **** .
J, Gonna get top? gonna take over 9000 years to even reach top 5, let alone pass / emmster...
t M! Not anymore it wont. because now we know.
Dude, please screenshot this **** and put it up on top page. Iwant this ******* douchebag dead
Wait. is he actually admitting the truth, or is he saying that he is both accounts so by default. we' ll thumb down both samburt) andert) an' s content AND magnets
content. destroying the power eyemagnet. but performing SUICIDE on his own account.... it all comes together..... the name fits you well.
255 - shoomon -.2"
Surt) urt) andert) an is now the owner :. She has convinced Admin to let her "Morrow" it, when aquiring Funnyjunk, she erases all existence ,
Thedesigner, and any other to herself. The few people who actually escaped the manslaughter now reside in a yunofunny site, adapting to the new
environment. still unable to return to the apocalypse ., and perhaps never. Surt) will change her name to , her mindless
minions. small in nummers though enormous in strength. will move from website to website until will become the ruler of domains,
making her more money to ouy more domain names until the internet has reached its limits....
But then there is hope! we ' s close minions will rebel, creating a bloody war known as ‘World Wide Web War I"
The first battle. "Alittle of Farmville" was crucially won by , immediately taking the rest of Facebook. This loss vitally cut off communication to the
After all hope was lost, humanity organ to crumble:
all females shall M chained to postage trucks instead of kitchens. Trollface was the new Deal With It, and worst mall. ALL C) THERMOSES NC) LUNGER EXISTED.
WI inflows its
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User avatar #2 - Codelance (11/04/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Now that gives a whole new meaning to the quote:
Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win youre still retarded.

Arguing with himself..
On the internet..
No, its sick..

But then again, who gives a **** ? If a content is funny, thumb it up. Doesnt matter if its OC or not. Anyway, most of the funny stuff in the interwebz are made by people who have no life. All you gotta contribute is your laugh. Once more, DFTT.
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