girr. .. I support this message. cartoon invader zim epic Awesome gir
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User avatar #3 - CaptainWaffles (12/13/2009) [-]
I support this message.
User avatar #1 - worldtrator (12/13/2009) [+] (1 reply)
lol read it in his voice XD
#10 - doublededdward **User deleted account** (02/27/2010) [-]
**doublededdward rolls 2,485,500** GIR I LOVE THIS SHOW (read this in girs voice)
#9 - gir **User deleted account** (12/16/2009) [-]
can i helpz you
#8 - anonymous (12/13/2009) [-]
Hate the show but you gotta love gir!

captcha: crown cuz gir pwns you
#7 - anonymous (12/13/2009) [-]
Yeah i have all the seasons 2 plush toys a poster pillow covers and a blanket of him XD Love that show!!!!!
User avatar #6 - BigSxy (12/13/2009) [-]
i love gir he is the best lol
#5 - anonymous (12/13/2009) [-]
I haven't had the best day, and this made me smile! Hooray for Gir!

Damn, now I'm craving waffles.
#4 - anonymous (12/13/2009) [-]
i love gir!!!! and waffles!!
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