High school horror stories 4. The two incidents that I had my phone confiscated. That last time I didn't get it back until the last day of school.<br /> T High School horror stories Four confiscation
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High school horror stories 4

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High school horror stories 4. The two incidents that I had my phone confiscated. That last time I didn't get it back until the last day of school.<br /> T

The two incidents that I had my phone confiscated. That last time I didn't get it back until the last day of school.<br />
Thanks again for all the support guys. Really. I'll honestly keep posting as long as I keep having positive comments and there is at least one person out there that still likes to hear my stories.<br />
If you hate Dickweed and you know it, clap your hands!

This is the tth addition to the "High School Horror Stories" series I have been doing. Ifyou haven' t read
the first 3, you might be a little lost.
Ifyou have, please enjoy. Again, these stories are 100 percent true.
PS: To my viewers: nu, I will not reveal the name ofmy principal, my school, my state.
This is why I gave myself, my location, and all ofthe people in my stories aliases: so that trolling could not
commence. :P
Grade 10 (still): So I was sitting in my computer class, typing away the keyboard, using this program
that the teachers installed to help kids with their typing skills. We were told to use this ifhe had some extra
time in class. I didn' t need it at all since I had typing classes in tth, tth, and tth grade. I type about 150
words per minute a good day and 130 a not so good day... the rest ofmy class was at about 30...
Anyway, I was typing away, minding my business, with my headphones in my eas, listening to the
program make the happy trumpets and fireworks every time I got a new high score. (It was better than
listening to the black guys behind me talk about how their girlfriends "be twin to pin baby dem") I
will admit that they were my headphones thati used fur my ipud, and that the school did have some fur me
to use.. However, mine were more comfortable, and didn' t squeeze my head and give me a headache
when I used them... plus they were brand new and they were really nice looking. I wanted to try them out!
A trumpet blasted in my eas as I got another high score. I smiled in victory and didn' t notice that the
constant; incoherent babble that had been going behind me had ceased. Not until I felt a large, rough,
fat hand my shoulder,
I looked up, into the squinty eyes unnunn other than Dickweed himself. I yanked out une headphone and
managed a smile. I was nervous, but that he was going to compliment me fur being the only
une in the raum that was actually doing something productive when he came in. (yes. EVERYONE else
was either talking, playing games, looking at . I was the only une doing what the teacher said,
honestly, just because I really liked that typing program fur some reason.
Give me the ipud," Dickweed demanded.
don' t have my ipud," I replied, "even ifi did, I' m not listening to it; I' m doing my work."
Ifthey' s headphones, there' s an ipud. Hand it over."
What was I going to do? I really didn' t have my ipud. Well, not thati could remember. I actually had two
at the time, a nanu and a shuffle. Ifi had une ofthem me, it would have been in my bag, left there a
month agu when I went that trip and forgot to take it out.
Look, I didn' t put my ipud anywhere me this morning. I haven' t been listening to it in school, nur do I
know where it is. I haven' t listened to it since my family' s trip to florida last month. I don' t have
it. I can' t give you whati don' t have."
Come with me. Get your stuff."
Professor Dickweed took me out in the hallway. I was shaking with fear and nervousness. I hated getting
m giving you une last chance to give me that ipud. Ifyou don' t hand it uver, yuu' ll be facing suspension
fur insubordination."
I can' t give you whati don' t have."
Whats that in your pocket there?"
I knew it was my phine... but I really didn' t want to tell him... However, I knew I was going to have to
take it out anyway. Perhaps ifhe knew I wouldn' t lie about this, he' djust leave me alone...
Its my phone. But its turned affend out insight, and I haven' t been using it."
Hand it here."
My school rules stated that as long as a students phone was out insight and turned off, an administrator
could not confiscate it. Dickweed here didn' t care. Thats why he' s Professor Dickweed and not "Mr.
I sighed and knew there was nu fighting it. I handed it uver.
Now give me your bag."
I knew there was nothing uninterest in that bag. I had some old drawings affairs and pukemon and a few
nicely drawn heats... a few girl supplies and some slimegirls-. my wallet; a few pens and pencils, a sharpie
marker and some duct tape. Well, I thought there was nothing uninterest in that bag...
Instead unlawfully searching through my belongings, Dickweed takes the bag andjust dumps it out onto
the Mor. Nevermind what could be inside... my lunch, a small glass ornament thati had bought fur my
mother (luckily taken out the day before), anything else breakable... One ofmy female supplies rolled
across the hall and tapped a cute guy the foot. He looked down at it in disgust... talk about
Well what do we have here..." Dickweed said, his voice dripping with sick satisfaction.
He dug through the mess and pulled out my ipud nanu. I was almost certain thati had taken it out after my
trip, but I guess I had forgotten.
Thats a week fur lying about it. Give me the headphones, and pick this shit up. You' ll get this back
at the end ofthe week."
Dickweed walked off, leaving me standing in the pile ofmy belongings. I picked up all ofmy stuffing
apologized to the guy that my female item had rolled into, with tears in my eyes.
Not a problem," he said, "that guy' s a total asshole. I' m sorry that happened to yuu... I can' t wait until I
graduate from this hell hole next yea..."
I made a new friend that day :)
So that afternoon it was raining buckets. I didn' t have my umbrella that day, and my grandmother tried to
call me to tell me that she was going to be 20 minutes late to pick me up, and to wait inside fur a bit before
going to the sidewalk. (No, there was nu place fur me to stand nearby where I wouldn' t get wet. It was
either out in the rain by the wet road, inside the building 60 feet away, with nu windows facing the
road.) So I sat out there, with nu umbrella, nu hardie (didn' t bother carrying une anymore. it was too much
trouble, see HSHS I and 2) , and nu phone to ask ifi should go back in.
I caught a terrible cold that week... they wouldn' t let me sleep in ISS, either...
So about 2 months passed and I started dating this guy that was a year older than me. (I could actually
talk to this une without getting into trouble. It was only ninth graders that weren' t allowed to talk to people
in other grades) By this time I had my phone back, so the texting commenced!!! Not in school, ofcourse,
because that was not allowed :P
I was in the same class as last time, typing away my computer, minding my business. There were nu
headphones in my eas this time and yet again I was the only une doing my work.
Dickweed decides he wants to shit all uver everything today, and I end up back out in the hall.
Give me your phone."
ecause I know you have it."
id you see it?"
was I using it?"
right then."
mats right. its affend in my pocket. i' m not doing anything wrong."
we just took up your boyfriend' s phone. your number is in there, showing you texting him at 7: 30 this
chool starts at 7: 5. You have this phone campus. Hand it over."
dun' ibelieve TVV
Excuse me?"
I didn' t send that text message from class. I sent it from my mother' s ca. Yes, it was five minutes before
class started, but it wasn' t sent from class. Besides, how do you know it was my number?"
We tracked it down online."
okay, now mats just creepy. thats.... stalker like. this pat, actually scared me a little.
Well fur all you know it could very well be with my mother. What ifi left it in the ca with her?"
I doubt you did that. Hand it over."
I don' t have it."
Hand it here, I will have you suspended fur witholding information."
What information?"
Thats none ofyour business. Do I need to call your parents? Or perhaps have you searched?"
I sighed.
Don' t question whati am about to tell you. I am a paranoid and disturbed persun. I was especially
paranoid and disturbed that pelicula school yea, mostly because here.
I reached into my pants, and unhacked my phone from the velcro strap that attached it to my inner
thigh. Before he could readjust his hand to hold it by the antenna, with his fingertips, perhaps reach
fur some gloves (i could have pulled that from my underwear fur all he knew), I plopped that phone into
his upen palm, taking every uunce unsatisfactory I could knowing that he was probably disgusted inside
from what he just saw.
You' ll get this back at the end ofthe yea. Get back to class."
I found my way back to my seat and sighed. The girl in front ofmy turned around to face me.
What happened?"
He took my phone."
Oh. Were you texting?"
Nope. I sent my last text this morning from the car."
Then why did he take it?
Why does that fat ash squinty eyed, Mile asshole do anything that he does?
I sighed again.
I guess he Just gets out of it or something... He' s probably in his office fapping to the security tapes of
what he just did."
For real?
Ifyou guys want more, I have tons more. I really appreciate all the support I' been getting for these. I know
they' re not funny, but it really helps me feel better to get it off my chest and have 500 people reply on how much
they hate this guy that has practically scarred me for e. Ifyou like it, leave a comment. :) I love to hear
feedback from viewers!
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#67 - Dairycow
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(10/30/2010) [-]
1:get his phone number
2:bombard his house with pizza orders
#70 to #67 - PedobearOnTV
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(10/30/2010) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #40 - Roundup
Reply +9 123456789123345869
(10/30/2010) [-]
Tell the police he molested you. Ask other kids to prove it.
User avatar #35 - soulsilver
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(10/30/2010) [-]
You can sue him for taking it, you know.
User avatar #50 - TheAdolfHitler
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(10/30/2010) [-]
Send him to one of my concentration camps.
User avatar #122 - jjholt
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(10/30/2010) [-]
"Do I need to call your parents?"

That's when you say "Yes, Please."

Nothing gets **** done like an angry mother.
#152 to #122 - anon id: bab3c233
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(10/31/2010) [-]
Thats what I was thinking righhttT???
#51 - Creepy **User deleted account**
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User avatar #1 - bibbit
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(10/30/2010) [-]
Awesome I just came online to see if you posted a new one. Guess I came at a good time. I love these, keep writing.
User avatar #3 to #1 - LolaLupe [OP]
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(10/30/2010) [-]
:D so thoughtful. thank you!!!
User avatar #59 - notabtard
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(10/30/2010) [-]
ok, so you're honestly giving him an alias to protect him? If I were you, I would tell us every piece of info you know about him so we can pay him back. It's not like the cyberpolice can backtrace us!
#10 - qballextraction
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(10/30/2010) [-]
My god woman, I am obviously in the presence of the Holy Mother for you to have not punched this cocksucker in the eye. What must I sacrifice to you to have your blessing bestowed upon me?
#119 - jatterjite
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(10/30/2010) [-]
Seriously, i would have told him off, the cops would have been there and i would have been suspended or whatever he would have done, but that **** would not fly, not on my life. You have some self control unheard of in my world.