Mormon Chat Trolling. i saw someone else post a trolling and i decided to try it myself!. Me: so my first question was about pedophilia; what do mormon troll fuck God HAIL Satan

Mormon Chat Trolling

i saw someone else post a trolling and i decided to try it myself!

Me: so my first question was about pedophilia; what does your church believe about it?
Heidi: well let us start from the beginning.
Heidi: define pedophilia?
Me: pedophilia in legal terms is when someone above the legal age is in a sexual relationship with someone who is underage
Heidi: so no we dont believe in that
Heidi: this would be a sin.
Me: oh
Jackie: we believe in honoring and sustaining the laws ofthe land.
Me: i understand
Me: ijust find it funny that there are two women with me in this chat. you guys believe in polygamy right?
Jackie: we are both missionaries
Jackie: you might notice that missionaries always teach in two' s.
Heidi: as missionaries we teach by twos
Me: do you do private lessons?
Jackie: robert do you know much Smith or the Book of Mormon?
Me: but come on that was a pretty funny joke
Jackie: robert, are here to teach people who are sincerely interested in learning about the Church
Jackie: are you?
Me: i am but you really set me up for that one
Me: i' m a stand up comedian and i' m looking for new material
Jackie: okay " "
Me: i' m still here and i' m still interested wahs" rt: e "
Jackie: well robert, heidi and i would like to teach you about our beliefs-
Jackie: can we call you?
Me: on my phone?
Jackie: yes, ifyou feel comfortable with that LET THE BEGIN
Jackie: it would be more conducive to teaching you
Me: not really
Me: i only give my number to girls who are dd
Me: and ones who speak english (that means heidi)
Me: so sorry you guys are not what i expected from a mormom chat service
Me: hail satan
Jackie: oh well enie the website
Request to end this chat
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Submitted: 10/23/2010
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User avatar #1 - Angrytaco (10/24/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Hmm... how to troll.. how to troll... so many options, any suggestions?
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