The Legend That Is Banksy. No-one knows his true identity or why he does what he does. But i still think that he is awesome. THIS IS THE LEGEND BANKSY. _ SOME O Graffiti Banksy cool legend punch a mexican
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The Legend That Is Banksy

No-one knows his true identity or why he does what he does. But i still think that he is awesome

Become good
at cheating
and you
never need to
become good
at anything
once upon a time, there was a king who ruled a great and glorious nation. Favourite amongst his
subjects was the court painter of whom he was very proud. Everybody agreed this old
man planted the greatest pictures in the whole kingdom and the king would spend hours each day
gazing at them in wonder. However, one day a dirty and dishevelled stranger presented himself at
the court claiming that in fact he was the greatest painter in the land. The indignant king decreed a
competition would be held between the two artists, confident it would teach the vagabond an
embarrassing lesson. Within a month they were both to produce a masterpiece that would out do
the other. After thirty days of working feverishly day and night, both artists were ready. They
placed their paintings, each hidden by a cloth, on ease's in the great hall of the castle. As a large
crowd gathered, the king ordered the cloth be pulled first from the court artist' s easel. Everyone
gasped as before them was revealed a wonderful oil painting of a table set with a feast. At its centre
was an ornate bowl full of exotic fruits glistening moistly in the dawn light. As the crowd gazed
admiringly, a sparrow perched high up on the rafters of the hall swooped down and hungrily tried
to snatch one of the grapes from the painted bowl only to hit the canvas and fall down dead with
shock at the feet of the king. Aha!’ exclaimed the king. 'My artist has produced a painting so
wonderful it has fooled nature herself, surely you must agree that he is the greatest painter who
ever lived!' But the vagabond said nothing and stared solemnly at his feet. wow, pun the blanket
from your painting and let us see what you have for us/ cried the king. But the tramp remained
motionless and said nothing. Growing impatient, the king stepped forward and reached out to
grab the blanket only to freeze in horror at the last moment. You see,' said the tramp quietly,
there is no blanket covering the painting. This is actually just a painting of a cloth covering a
painting. And whereas your famous artist is content to fool nature, I' made the king of the whole
country look like a clueless little twat
I' d been painting rats for three years before someone
said 'that' s clever it' s an anagram of art' and I had to
pretend I' d known that all along."
Nobody ever listened to me until
they didn' t know who I was."
Banksy. The ultimate Anonymous.
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Submitted: 10/23/2010
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User avatar #1 - jakjakisbak (10/23/2010) [-]
Banksy is one of the best artists of all time in my opinion. i know people will disagree with me but this is my opinion .
#3 - thechritaintiger (10/23/2010) [-]
ill leave this here
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