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#10 - BlackCatBlvd (10/23/2010) [-]
Oh, lord...the last boyfriend I had said he wanted to abstain from sex until marriage. At first I was like, "ah, ok". Then I found out that was his way of asking him to marry me, as his incredibly Catholic parents won't let him date at twenty ******* two.
We broke up because he found out I once dated another girl. He threw a bible at my eye. I don't miss him.
User avatar #45 to #10 - Loststorm (10/23/2010) [-]
So... you dated a guy... after dating a girl... I think that's why an incredibly Catholic guy is a little upset with that.
#83 to #45 - girlwiththeglasses (10/23/2010) [-]
He has no right to throw a ******* book full of magicians at her.
User avatar #38 to #10 - Mynameismario (10/23/2010) [-]
you mean he didnt miss you .....with the bible
#136 to #21 - TheBanana (10/23/2010) [-]
i laughed more at your picture then i did at the comment that i BlackCatBvld posted
User avatar #20 to #10 - ACanadianEh (10/23/2010) [-]
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