Admin, Please Read kthnxbai. These are the users.<br /> /user/vzdragon<br /> /user/piekingpro<br /> /user/merde<br /> /user/turdmonkey&l Admin Please Read kthnxbai These are the users <br /> /user/vzdragon<br /user/piekingpro<br /user/merde<br /user/turdmonkey&l
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Admin, Please Read kthnxbai

I ask for you all to,
Not to long ago, a couple users were
banned unfairly, and accused of
something they didn' t do. You see, Raid
Legion, which many of you know, and
many don' t. Raid Legion is a group of
famous and obscure users, who could
be considered protectors.
Raid Legion has helped out so many
times, bringing in traffic, banning trolls,
and uploading funny ass pics. But during
the rule of Thedesigner, one little
mishap, and Des labeled the group as,
wannabe trolls" claiming they were no
better than Animal, or the Jaydens.
Due to this, they were banned, but
Thedesigner finally realized he was a
butthurt faggot and left the site, after
unbanning the group. But the tainted
image stuck with them. constantly
getting flamed and trolled by the dumb
users who can' t think for themselves.
Now, recently, a former member of ,
who was mad at them for kicking him
out( not saying who) decided it would be
fun to spam Admin' s page and blame
Raid Legion, further burying their
reputation into the ground.
Admin found all the Raid Legion member
he could, and permabanned them, not
even stopping to ask why, or even give
warning. " was extremely unfair, and
unlike my banning, they didn' t deserve
it. Admin needs to unban them.
He doesn' t even have to unban the
accounts, just the ' s associated with
those accounts. Thats all they ask.
Their high ranked, and high leveled
accounts, in return for their freedom.
Now, I' m no thumbwhore, but please
Funnyjunk, help me get this to the front
so Admin can see it. Once he has seen
it, either commented here, my profile, or
PMed me on the matter, I will delete
this picture, and anything related to it.
Here is a list of banned
Teenspirit( the AND account
need to be unbanned on this
Admin, unban the people in the
description, they didn' t do anything.)
And now, a funny picture.
Views: 40009 Submitted: 10/22/2010