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#1 - derkadur
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(10/17/2010) [-]
I know nothing of this show but she reminded me of this
User avatar #4 - ProhibiteD
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(10/18/2010) [-]
Lol, please make more.
User avatar #5 to #4 - DakotaLovesU [OP]
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(10/18/2010) [-]
It was that good? Alright, i will. :)
#7 - anon id: 9ca62087
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(01/27/2011) [-]
lou you and your familys and friends are punks i wish you would come to my house and we will see what matt and your fat azz daughter is all about and your fat cow daughter think you are the **** but your nothing you daughter needs to put on check i watch you s how but you ppl are animals my son is a marine and he dont act like a animals like matt and your fat az daughter and lou all you say is call the cops what r u afraid or what your whole crew are fat azze lose sme weigh you cat ve ti your shoe .............................frank from sgv
#6 - victimofFJmassacre **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #3 - xxlethalforce
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(10/18/2010) [-]
lol theres some funny stuff on the show
User avatar #2 - naroshida
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(10/17/2010) [-]
hate the show too but i had to give you thumb cuz its tru y do fat girls think all the skinny/cute/pretty/hot girls are all sluts just cuz they dont get dick (literaly) dosent mean they shouldnt