This is totally legit man. Original Content.<br /> Screenshot off me and a person named Graham on Facebook.<br /> (Has also been posted by Saegma so
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This is totally legit man

Original Content.<br />
Screenshot off me and a person named Graham on Facebook.<br />
(Has also been posted by Saegma so don't spam it here)

14 at 2: Report
we that guy From meville that looks tke Mhe Shinoda [Lindon Park and fer
miner)?: =?? i thoug ht we were a nice guy, but whatever.
Mate i have m idea what we are smearing, Just mucking around i got
nething against you mate, and Five in Aussie so I deu we have an idea
who i am
Graham_ ( at 2: Report
not smelting anything at the moment. how the ME do we have mutual
friends if we from aussie?
October's at 2:
Well we see, Australia and Canada have been long standing allies with each
other, we are both decedents from the British, both begun out as a penal
society, since then we have been a close ally, in wars such as WWI, WW?,
Korean/ Cold war, and we are both corrently fighting in Iraq and Afghan, our
reentries are MN indeed, And wet my penis awesome
October's at 2: Report
that doesnt tell me how we know cassidy and erin and such.
14 at 2:
We! we see, back in the first weed war, on the western front My great
t grandfather was stationed as the commanding officer o? Castled' s great
grandfather, who was the Platoon leader or, Battalion 28, Brigade tr, Duosion
2, During the wars fighter on the front our 2 great grandfathers bonded,
they saved each others Nes many times, but then on June 27th 1917 My
Great Grandfather, Ma) or Robert was injured in a gas attack by the
Germans, Robert was sent to a field hospital just a few mks from the western
frend, there he meet a weng injured corperal named Jesie Chern Who was
shot in his upper right arm, through the time they spent in the hospital they
formed a friendship, dear then 2 brothers, after the war had ended Robert
was kiled in a automobile incident, he died instant}; Cassidy' s and Erin' s met
each other at Roberts Funeral, he was a highly, decorated and respected
veteran of WWY, Since that day our 3 mrna' s have been very dose, every
war em mailers go to where the western front was to haner em great
grandparents, and the other soldiers that fought there.
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Submitted: 10/17/2010
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User avatar #2 - NickBrahz (10/17/2010) [-]
Because Brahz is not my last name, its a nickname
#1 - Womens Study Major (10/17/2010) [-]
your screen name has the last name brahz, and you blurred out your last name on fb... Y U NO SEE THAT??
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