Everything Worked Out As Planned. Please sub :3. File :12144_ 7465. ipg-( 46 KB, 500x300, pedometer. jpg) E Anonymous CE/ 26/ CE( Thu) 12: 24: 25 No. 74677514 S Everything Worked Out As Planned Please sub :3 File :12144_ 7465 ipg-( 46 KB 500x300 pedometer jpg) E Anonymous CE/ 26/ CE( Thu) 12: 24: 25 No 74677514 S
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Everything Worked Out As Planned

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E Anonymous CE/ 26/ CE( Thu) 12: 24: 25 No. 74677514
So, about three weeks ago I read in a work secrets thread howto change the
electronic road signs and I immediately made it my personal mission to
change the one near my house to "RC) AL)' S CLOSED DUE TC) AIDS".
So I got all the necessary equipment (bolt cutters, black clothing, flashlight,
etc...) and was on my way. I had successfully cracked open the control
panel and men restarted the sign. Unfortunately, a cop must have seen the sign change and immediately came warts
investigate. I had my message typed into the control panel when the cop came up and saw what I was doing. The pig
immediately arrested me. Iwas fortunate enough to get a friend to bail me out about s hours later.
But today I had my arraignment. Instead ocaust recounting what happened I' ll try to go dialogs between me and
E Anonymous CE/ 26/ CE( Thu) 12: 24: 59 No. 74677554
Judge: Mr. S' aee', the court docket says that you maliciously vandalised city property. The maximum penalty is a
fine and 30 days entail. How do you plead.
Me: his Contest your honor.
Judge: Fine, then we will sentence you immediately. Do you mind telling me what compelled you to break open city
property with the intention of changing an electronic road sign to say 'road' s closed due to AIDS'?
The entire court chuckles a little, while a couple people immediately walk outside the court room and start cracking
up, I think they were /b/ tards
Me: Well your honor, I cant really say.
Judge: You mean you dont have any reason on why you did that? Did you think it was funny?
At this point I was furiously trying to find the right thing to say. After about 20 seconds of complete silence I told
it, and told him the blatant truth.
E Anonymous CE/ 26/ CE( Thu) 12: 25: 37 No. 74677641
Me: I did it forthe mix, sir.
Judge: The what?
Me: The lull
The same people that andjust left because they were laughing so hard once again walked outside the court room
and started to crack up. Then one ofthe court clerks whispered something to prejudge, most likely an explaination
ehwhat I meant.
Judge: So, you think that all this is woke?
Me: his sir, I think these proceedings are very serious which is why I told you the truth, I think that what I had
intended to do was woke.
Judge: Mr. S' aee', I dont find what you did very humerous at all.
Me: Well your honor, I' m afraid thejoke would be lost on you.
Judge: Do you think AIDS is a laughing matter son? Do you think vandalizing property is a laughing matter?
Me: Yes your honor, I do think AIDS is a laughing matter. As far as vandalizing problery goes, no, I dont think that' s
funny at all, and in fact I find that the most regrettable part ofthis situation, but it was a necessary so so I could
accomplish what I set out to do.
E Anonymous CE/ 26/ CE( Thu) 12: 2603 No. 74677693
Thegost sat there with a blank expression on his face for probably a good minute.
Judge: Son, I' m definately not going to understand what compelled you to do this, but I' m going to make an example
out of you. In lieu time, I' m going to give you 200 hours of community service, and a dolldivine. And once
your community service is complete, I want you to come back infront of me and tell me how funny this whole
situation is.
Me: May I preform my community sevice at the boys and girls club your honor?
Judge: Yes, you may.
Me: Thank you sir.
So now I have 200 hours to spend this summertime a bunch of young Iblis. Everything worked out as I had planned.
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