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(10/15/2010) [-]
This is stupid. If you thumbed this up, then you're stupid, or easily amused at the stupidity of others.
1) Squinting your eyes allows you to control the intensity of light that is coming in to your pupil, more light is not always best depending on what you're trying to look at.
2) Yes. That's just a stupid question. That's like saying 'Herpaderp can a guy named Bob do Jumping Jacks? even though his name isn't Jack? herpaderp'
3) It's not indestructible, and even if it was, it would more than likely be too heavy for the amount of lift required to keep it in the air.
4) Would an soldier named 'Walker Jones' Have to change his name to 'I have no legs' if he were to lose his legs? No, you're just ******* stupid.
#69 to #67 - anon id: 57d3a74d
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(10/15/2010) [-]
5) Because the water can expire.
6) Fcking google it. Stupid ****
7) Why is a computer called a computer if it's turned off? Hmm... because that's the ******* name of the device??
8) Just... no.... ******* no...
9) Yes. They evolved from apes, and apes have navels as well.
10) Because he's as goddamn ******* stupid as this picture.
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User avatar #90 to #69 - Ruspanic
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(10/15/2010) [-]
Technically humans didn't evolve from apes, since humans and apes are contemporaries. We share common ancestors with the other primates, though.
#78 to #69 - thelazycamper **User deleted account**
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(10/15/2010) [-]
water dosent expire, but the **** inside of the bottle can disolve into the water
#73 to #69 - anon id: 6dc8c9ce
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(10/15/2010) [-]
Moody anon... Go take a nap.