Justin Beiber Nail Polish. The fag of all fags is coming out with a line of nail polish...<br /> www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2010/10/11/coming_soon_j gOObur Justin Beiber nail polish
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Justin Beiber Nail Polish

Coming Soon: Justin Weber Nail Polish
Poo sensation Justin Ember is set to cash in on his hordes oftern girl fans by releasing
his own line of nail polish.
The hatmaker will release a range of glittery varnish entitled "One Less Lonely Girl,"
according to fashion website . Storm
The range will be available through Target, Sears and Ulta in time for the Christmas
howida'_ -gs.
It is the latest release from Weber' s brand -the singer already lends his
trademark to lines of bedding, dolls and tours.
See more motes of Justin here'.
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