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1. You can cry underwater but cannot tell to well because of the constant liquid entering your eyes
2. Normally a person over 80 is considered to die from old age. Also may depend on the generations past him (ex. if their great grandchilderen are alive with them)
3. Yes they do, they are required to play the movie
4. If that was so, I would be dead right now. But more seriously no, a vaccum could cause serious harm if it were to occur inside of you.
5. Technically yes i do believe so.
6. Depends on who assumes the role of a woman. Queens would not be able to do that but if the other man assumes the role of the female then it may just be permitted.
7. The rabbit and the eggs both symbolize fertility.
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nr 6 answer... he would have the titleof prince/ duke
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8. The sky assumes the shape of whatever the atmosphere is. In the earths case, it is an oval.
9. To keep it away from getting in their face, people tend to find this as a substitute for covering their face.
10. The bible is a book of tales involving God/Jesus. The men donated this book as a way to share God, It just so happened to collaborate with other tales to for the Bible.
Hope that helps :D