Text Messaging facts. Text Messaging. More than 72% of cell phone users send and receive text messages. Up from 65% in 2009. Adults Who Text Message, by Ethnici Text Messaging
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Text Messaging facts

Text Messaging

More than 72% of cell phone users
send and receive text messages.
Up from 65% in 2009.
Adults Who
Text Message, by Ethnicity:
t All Adults: / o
White: 68%
Hispanic: 83%
Of year olds,
95% text message.
2009, US. cell phone users sent
roughly 4. 1 billion texts every day.
That' s " messages a day for every
person with a handicapable phone.
As text massages rise,
talking on the phone falls.
In 2007, the average cell phone
conversation was 3. 13 minutes,
a high.
In 2009, the average had dropped
to 2. 03 minutes, which is the
lowest average since this data
was tracked.
If you text while driving, &
you are 23 times more
likely to get in an accident.
Cellphones cause an
average of 1. 4 mill on
car crashes every year.
Of those, , crashes
are due to text messaging.
Texting is acceptable while...
Te, Oi/ or 25
Tux ( 25
Using the Bathroom
Having Sex
teenagers say , , ,
sexting is unsafe.
1 in 5
teens do it anyway.
sending, by Age:
Percentage of teens who have
sent a nude or nearly nude photo.
14 Year OMS: 13% -
Sexting isn' t just for the kids.
Of parents, 28% have sent
a sexual text message or
photo of themselves.
According to Nielsen,
the average teen sends
about 10 texts per
hour during the day.
That' s roughly 3, 000 messages
a month per teen.
The vast majority of states
now have laws that ban or
limit texting while driving.
States that don' t:
North Dakota South Dakota, Montana Idaho,
Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Ohio
South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts,
Studies show that texting while
driving slows reaction time to that
of a 70 Year Old. Reading text
messages was more detrimental
than writing them.
So, why are texts limited to
160 characters?
Hildebrand A
Postcards, w ‘wild
must lre('.,; J Hy c; locked Fl
at less "rurl 150 characters
According to estimates,
text messa ing earns about
It on every year
for phone companies.
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#4 - cbshizznit (10/13/2010) [-]
hehehe sexting... wait! how many 12 year olds sext?
User avatar #3 - TripleSix (10/12/2010) [-]
"Average 10 texts per hr everyday" I can send 200+ in a hr. I'm sure others can too. xD
User avatar #2 - raibean (10/12/2010) [-]
Messages =/= Massages
#1 - anonymous (10/12/2010) [-]
tooooo much information
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