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4cahn Users

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ll knew whe we ‘feet aeriest invariably , Amerasian,
fem parents were nehwal, vanilla fella. S' we had a sibling er eve.
Yen went a pebble , pulling high er recoilish grades with ease and relative disinterest. Yen didn' t really
gel with reast m the ether kid it! we feind them bering, they feind we weird. ‘fem fer the average
ween grew with peer age, never seizing sentreh in saree aree ******* , bet in the back
peer head. when seele asshole whe meld barely read get. hen, we prabably iaughed. when seem
drank get herpes, we prabably smiled. Chances 'i% ili' we get en well enoegh with peer teachers; we weren' t a
preening asshole M! Rill espana m we: peers, at least shewed vague interest in learning, and perhaps the teacher
sensed and melted en peer general contempt fer ethers in peer amasses. This trend deebo continued inte
beliebe, if we had the better.
It.' s a bit m an e: - say we hate weeden: we den' t, after " enjee the serializing ganne. ‘feet
Den Jean, either. ‘fee iing age began think Bi werein as ' petty, bet we still
hep: ancienter interesting at seem time er anither.
fee enjee being ' bceause m is a release met the sentreh werid: m has an identity,
is a pre. ening fagget.. realizes ' is jest a guy melting amend en the intenet.
Amenities mews ethers ' his kind enjee this fan, tee. Yen despise the furfag, the gaiafag, the intenet teff
gee fer ene simple meme: he aits the intenet is the real werld, a place where alliens sheild have secial
and where there needs be a peeking eider. Needless say, we net approve.
are you god?
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Submitted: 12/03/2009
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#2 - anonymous (12/03/2009) [+] (1 reply)
holy **** almost dead on but i know a really awsome girl
#4 to #2 - Shintakenji (12/04/2009) [-]
Lemme guess, you're in the "friend zone?"
#5 - anonymous (12/04/2009) [-]
gotta love psychology
#1 - anonymous (12/03/2009) [+] (1 reply)
Male caucasian... Just about all he got right on me >.>
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