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Pele Tracy
August 4, 1968
we friends
abieru' eue
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Tracy "
mm Ensues
you, teats why may have the option be send an email,
30 reroutes age
we , I had a great time as . I' gaad
we endeared my EITHER pussy i), I must adroit, I haven' t had sex in a while, an
getting mum by touch a smthg and powerful man was a pleasant surprise after
as man; Icing months cf abstinence. I hape his message deosn' t scare em off, I
just wanted tree he knew what a wonderful time I had with you/ mu are
permanently embed in "the ''
58 inmates age
Tracy ' Oh nal please tell we how
to use this!!! the WWY hex! Haw
embarrassing i
5? minutes age
5? minutes age
this new
56 minutes age
know how " the whale Merle knows we
get laid
as minutes age
5 ', ems - weer Tracy, " still get ital i)
52 minutes age
a Me! Phase, tell me haw tn gel: vititor
hire was to the right earner er the message and are
hide! a) By the was
25 minutes age
Tiffany Gem Tram! ',)
r TI
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Denna Tracey, seriously!. we didn' t think FE was private did
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