Big Bang Theory. This makes so much sense.. BIG BANG THEORY. christian view "everything had to be created by a designer because everything must be created, it cannot come out of nowhere. God was here to create those
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Big Bang Theory

This makes so much sense.

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Submitted: 12/02/2009
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#13 - anonymous (12/02/2009) [+] (4 replies)
christian view "everything had to be created by a designer because everything must be created, it cannot come out of nowhere. God was here to create those things for us. God, who created him you ask? it is clearly stated that God just exists and needed no creator. Duh." yea great argument. nothing can exist without a creator, but God can exist without one. does that mean god is nothing?
#5 - Spyder **User deleted account** (12/02/2009) [-]
I'm an avid believer in the BBT, but I have to admit, I chuckled when I saw this

Christianity: belief that worshiping a man who is his own father, given birth to by a virgin, who died, then brought himself back to life, will allow you to go to a place where you will be forever happy, and all others who go against your "god" go and be tortured by a like minded person, Satan, for all eternity for what you fucked up in your 100- years alive

makes sense to m-... wait... no it doesn't
#1 - anonymous (12/02/2009) [-]
maybe you should learn some more about this subject before you stomp on it.
#73 - anonymous (12/02/2009) [-]
only narrow-minded people think of God and science as mutually exclusive. Who says we can't have faith in the teachings of Jesus, Ghandi, Buddha or Mohammed and still be reasonable and scientifically minded as well? After all science doesn't have an answer to every question.
#58 - anonymous (12/02/2009) [+] (11 replies)
You see, religion has actually convinced people, that there is an INVISIBLE MAN, UP IN THE SKY, and he watches EVERYTHING you do and EVERYTHING you say. And he has a special list of 10 things you must not do, and if you break one of those, he has a special place for you, with fire, and torture, and pain, and agony......But.....he loves you.
User avatar #7 - bananagammaray (12/02/2009) [-]
In the beginning there was an infintesimaly small singularity, that abruptly ruptured spilling out all matter that now occupies the universe.
I think thats what you meant, right?...yeah, that has to be it.
#2 - AnimeExpert (12/02/2009) [-]
in the beginning there was no beginning and some dude who was always there, and then he spoke.

yeah soooo much better

not athist just point out facts...
User avatar #40 - Firstloser (12/02/2009) [+] (7 replies) we go agin.... the big bang is wrong in so very many ways....( a spinning dot made of nothing exploded......the conservation of angular momentum....if a spinnin object breaks about then parts all spin the same way so how do we have planets and even whole galaxy's spinning different ways...ect)

Atheism is a religion...(you have to believe there is no god) and atheist try to push there religion on us just like all the others....(Evolution for example....which is also a Theory btw)
#41 to #40 - anonymous (12/02/2009) [-]
actually, the big bang theory isnt based on an explosion, its constant expansion. supposedly. not saying i agree or disagree with it, but one of the most common misunderstandings about it is that it was an explosion.
#33 - anonymous (12/02/2009) [+] (4 replies)
why do atheists care about what others believe?
User avatar #53 to #35 - iamhapppy (12/02/2009) [-]
now, i am a religious catholic, but i agree with your point. nearly half of the world's conflicts are because of religious conflict.
#18 - HORNYJESUS (12/02/2009) [-]
don't argue with christians...
If they would listen to reason there would be no religion.
User avatar #12 - luidias (12/02/2009) [-]
well, according to the big bang theory, there was an infinitely small EVERYTHING in the beginning.

BUT if there was an infinite amount of everything, in an infinitely small space, finding the amount of matter per unit volume divides a number representing infinity by another number representing infinity.

therefore, in the beginning there was the number ONE.

...which exploded.
User avatar #39 - moskal (12/02/2009) [-]
So, what this is saying is that the atheists devide by 0?
#31 - anonymous (12/02/2009) [+] (4 replies)
Actually the universe was just really really small like about the sive of a proton and THAT exploded.
#25 - anonymous (12/02/2009) [-]
wow it seems like all of you should do some studying on the other i might be shocked to see that pretty much all religions have just about everything in common, even the big bang. so what sometin went boom and here we r, how is that any different from the book sayin there nothin and god spoke then there was light. it nvr sais how there was light, just that there was so think about that for awhile.
#21 - anonymous (12/02/2009) [-]
Too bad the catlicks managed to get everyone to think of GOD in as a tiny god that they control. Maybe that's why the pope is viewed as the anti-Christ. It also ignores the warnings about the 'false prophet' that arises in the End Days. Get your religious understanding directly from The Book and not some whack job butt-bumping an altar boy.
#6 - KyliePoh **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (6 replies)
User avatar #11 to #6 - bananagammaray (12/02/2009) [-]
I'm not going to say that religion is wrong, because i honestly don't know, but I do know that there is a lot of evidence to support the big bang theory:
1. The universe is expanding as a result of the violent explosion
2. The static on your tv's and radio's are caused by microwave radiation leftover from when the universe was very hot.
3. Most of the elements that make up everything from the periodic table can only be made from super novas and the big bang.
There is a lot of big bang evidnece, so maybe before you trash a scientific theory, you learn a little about it first you that you don't sound ignorant.
User avatar #3 - SkriblZz (12/02/2009) [+] (1 reply)
I'm not even going to get you for your ignorance. It speaks for itself.
#71 - anonymous (12/02/2009) [+] (2 replies)
OK religious people lets read carefully here, all together now. Big, bang >>THEORY<< right there in the name it says that it is a theory, meaning that given all evidence, and everything we know, it is the best guess at what happened, supported by hard evidence and math.

Your theory is backed by a really old book written by people who heard voices in the days before schizophrenia was a recognized disease, that you believe every word of because in the book, it says the book is the word of god.

Science may not have all the answers but at least we try to find them rather then soldering on still living our lives by an ancient book. Seems to me god might have some updates, with the whole cloning thing, artificial intelligence, space travel...
#27 - anonymous (12/02/2009) [+] (1 reply)
you know all the things i've seen come out of science and religion have all leaded to one important fact...they're all just coming up with different ways of saying we don't have a fucking clue so we're gunna make bullshit up
User avatar #28 to #27 - SkriblZz (12/02/2009) [-]
That works with religion, but not science. We haven't made anything up without proving it in some way first.
#17 - anonymous (12/02/2009) [+] (1 reply)
wow folks, it's called funny junk. not analyze it to death and push your views junk. chill out.
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