Some Original FunnyJunk Content 1. in the old days. Stuff that Annoy. s Mel Submitted Ely: funnyfunk People wha point at while asking forthe time. I knaw where
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Some Original FunnyJunk Content 1

in the old days

Stuff that Annoy. s Mel
Submitted Ely: funnyfunk
People wha point at while asking forthe time. I knaw where my watch is buddy,
where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the bathroom is?
People wha are willing to get off their ass to search the entire raam forthe TV
remote because they refuse to walked the TV and change the channel manually.
When people eay "Oh youjust want to have yaar cake and eat ottaa“.
Screw off. What good is a goddamn cake ifyou can' t eat it? What,
should I eat gameone else' s cake instead?
When people eay "' s alwase in the last place yeti Isak“. Of Lauree it is.
Why the hell warld yeti keep looking afternon' found it? Do people ck) this? Wha and
where are they?
When people eay, while watching a movie "Did yau see that?" No clockwise, I
paid . 00 to came to the theatre and stare at the frigging ceiling up there.
What did yau came here for?
When something is "new and improved", which is it? If it' s new, then there has never been
anything before it. If it' s an improvement, then there must have been something before it.
When a cap pulls yau dyer and then asks ifyou knaw haw fast yau were
going? You should knaw ******* , yau frigging pulled me dyer.
When people eay "Lite is short." What the hell?? Life is the longest
damn thing anyine ever meal! What? Are they going to ck) something
that' s longer?
When people ask "Can I BORROW a piece of paper?" Sure, but please dan' t
return the faker! " ane god damn piece of paper!
When yau are waiting forthe bus and gameone ask yau "Did the bus came
yer?" If the bus came I warld nat be standing here
People wha ask "Can I ask yau a (cuestion/?" Didn' t really give me a chaise
there, did ya buddy?
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Submitted: 10/04/2010
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