The Story of the MEEIF. Part 1. This is Part One of the Story of the MEEIF.<br /> Part 2: /funny_pictures/102915/The+Story+of+the+MEEIF+Part+2/<br /&gt MEEIF Massively epic expression Insurmountable Failure part one
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The Story of the MEEIF. Part 1

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ll, Ah yes. the literary representation ma physical act of complete and utter exasperation. 'L' How many are there new. four? Headdesk, facepalm. sweatdrop, facefirst. (The last twp
applying exclusively to anime, of course.)
ttle #282 -Hentaifans. .'.."
There' s also the *:*. You do a facepalm and with yew hand still en yourface we do a headdesk. This maneuver is reserved especially for cases of supreme and
begins jotting dawn notes into a noted) C) c) gthat has mysteriously appeared' Hmm... yes. please, do go en - "facepalm headdesk', did say? -- 'many intrigued sounds
are voiced as research continues'
Yes the "." implies that the person whe it was used en has failed SC) much that it is almost impossible to achieve.
The only recorded use ofthis maneuvering done by the first man to read the Twilight book.
Needless to say he had to be taken to the hospital because he had gone completely insane evanthe amount .
This maneuver is advised to only be used by the mest stable minded and sane men around and should not be used for everyday fails.
in I believe I have just created an expression that might very well revolutionize the way we. physically express the failure in pur everyday lives! way, here gees...
ajust realized that its possible to put all into one, Massively Epic Expression Failure (MEEIF). Okay... *drumroll*
j You sweatdrop and then facepalm SC) hard that we facefirst andyou maddest: en the way dawn.
That would imply that one has failed SC) much that not even the pewees Norris and Billy Mays combined could save them from being ridiculed fer life!
I pity the feel whe fails badly enough to receive the "".
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