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#284 - anonymous (12/01/2009) [-]
also the rest of you assholes who are cheering this sadist on need to stop inflicting your anger upon girls just because you cant get any pussy
#321 to #284 - anonymous (12/05/2009) [-]
I have not anger toward girls.

Cheating whores, that's another story.
User avatar #318 to #284 - shlacka (12/04/2009) [-]
Respect my authoritah and MAKE ME A SAMMICH
User avatar #304 to #284 - getsuga (12/02/2009) [-]
what? sorry. i was just laughing because you might have said that from personal experience

lmfao XD captcha: grind
#296 to #284 - bagels (12/01/2009) [-]
Sorry, I was to busy laughing my ass off to care.
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