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That High 5

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went to communications class, teacher asked me to do a quick introduction speech. i said "hi my
name is", Laughed for 2 minutes, optimized, walked out, & immediately dropped the class. That
After smoking a spliff in the woods behind our dorms my friends and I began to tell each other
abaut our spirit animals. One of my friends says that when were see your spirit animals while high its
mother nature communicating with you. Just then a deer comes out from behind sem. e trees, steps,
looks and me and then continues en. [whisper as tears fill my eyes, "my spirit animal is a deer."
That High.
by Anonymous (fni/ 07/ was my I my pg {any Like ".1 n & 'ggi] " [.E Email
igave my ferret a kiss one day and realized she smelled like weed. I discovered she had taken my
stash out of my purse and eaten half of it under my dresser. She then proceeded to scoot around
on the rug like a snake for hay an hour, and then pass em with her tongue hanging out. That High
My friends and Awere swinging at the park after smaking a couple ml; We saw a huge dog walk
by. I said ‘than a big dog, but it would be an even bigger caterpillar.‘ This phrase seemed
completely Lagical. That high.
I was driving in my car and a Nickelback seng came en the radio. I listened to the whole thing. THAT
Was riding in my car the other day and thaught I smelt samething burning, Iternet down my
radio I could smell it better. That High.
Laughed at a fly buzzing around for an hour because I thaught it sounded like a mini fart and that' s
what was prepairing him threw the air. That high
Thought that i had to take my pants off to change my socks. Then proceeded to pull them up slowly
and pretend like none of the ID people around me saw a thing. That high.
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