Romeo and Juliet?. Funny love story. Afar' )) Two students. were in iove and engaged- , all of the Parents. involved disapproved of the marriage- The Parents ha romeo and juliet Suicide laxatives Love stoyr
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Romeo and Juliet?

Funny love story

Afar' )) Two students. were in iove and engaged- , all of the Parents. involved disapproved of the marriage- The Parents
had threatened dire measures if the students eloped. caught in an impossible Position of choosing between, their tow and their families,
the students. deemed theg would terve the world together.
juliet' dotd her friend, a / astr, that she was having trouble steeping before exams, and asked her for Potent steeping Pitts. The
Pharmacist see. ared for her a smart bottle of Pitts, Plastered with warnings, '1: -anger! use as directed! no not operate a moving
The two covers melted themselves in a friend' s dormitory room and tossed the keg out the window. meg shared a bottle of wine, made
tow, and then took the steeping Pitts and kissed each other goodbye. "arf an hour tater, than began to feet aurious rumblings in their
intestines. Soon em-. 5 realized at; ‘ s friend had given, them ta, r_ alives, not steeping Potion!
There theta] were, melted in a smart dorm room with the keg ten floors beton, and no toilets. in sight!
The stench spread throughout the building, alerting other residents- A securite guard was summoned, who forced the took and
Potted his fan ‘round the door. He swung it shut, neardy overcome ht) the fumes. The unfortunate e. had to be rase. ued the
SWAT team, Promoted log gas masks. Theg were when to the hospital and treated for severe dehydration.
It turned out that the friend at the Pharmacy was alarmed ht) the request for steeping Pitts with no Prese. ription. .She contacted the
Parents, who conferred with one another and realized that something had to be done. Thus, the outcome: the marriage was betaguy, both
students were suspended from cortege, and both sets. were recieved.
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well that was a ****** ending
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