Not Always Right 2. Number tres is here:<br /> EDIT: wow front page thank you guys!!!<br /
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Not Always Right 2

Number tres is here:<br />
EDIT: wow front page thank you guys!!!<br />
EDIT:Numero four is here: ...more »

Number tres is here:<br />
EDIT: wow front page thank you guys!!!<br />
EDIT:Numero four is here:

2 Guys, A Lie And A Burger Place
fr. he customer points out an ad on our window asking
customers to inquire on how to get a free burger. J
Customer: “How do you get the free burger?"
He: “You call the number on the back of your receipt and
after a short survey they give you a code."
Customer: "Yeah, my code is 5510. Now give me my free
Elle:"" Sir, if you' re going to make up a fake code make sure you
know how Ion the codes are."
Tech Support Is Rendered Fruitless
Customer: "My computer has fruit in it!"
He: "Like what?"
Customer: "Every time f turn my computer on, it has a fruit in
Me: “You mean an apple?"
Customer: "Yeah, I guess."
Me: "That means you have that brand of computer. Do you
need anything else, ma' am?"
Customer: "Well, I don' t really like apples. Can I get a
cantalope on it instead?"
Will {rower Co Aisle 2
Teenage girl: "Do you guys sell that contraceptive
He: "Abstinence?"
Teenage girl: "Yeah! Abstinence! I read that it' s the only
100% way to not get pregnant!"
He: "That' s right. But, abstinence is to not have sex. Like
abstain from."
Teenie irl: "Well that iust sucks!"
Not tone Cf) History' s Mysteries
I am helping a Kittie boy find a children" s book on Native
American history for a book report. J
Me: “I think this one will come in handy. It' s all about the
different Native American tribes and traditions. ft even
includes a large map showing where the Native American tribes
Little Boy: "Thank you!"
We walks away with his book and an adult customer
approaches me. J
Customer: "Why did you do that?"
Customer: "Tell him those are real."
He: "Native Americans?"
Customer: "Yes!"
He: “Because they are real."
Customer: “No! They only exist in movies with cowboys!"
Me: “I can assure you that Native Americans exist."
Customer: 'mocking' “I suppose you believe cowboys really
existed, too?"
Not Exactly Gifted, Part;
A boy, comes up to the counter, holding a gift
card. J
Customer: “How much is this?"
Me: "As much or as little as you want on it."
Customer: "But what does it do?"
Me: “You give it to people as gifts. ft has money on it."
Customer: “How much?"
He: "Like I said, as much or as little as you want."
Customer: "Can I get ?"
I ring up the gift card. J
We hands me . 35.)
Me: "This isn' t enough. I need ."
Customer: “I only have that."
He: "Then you can' t get the gift card."
Customer: "But, you said I could do any amount!"
Fishing For Intelligence
At this time we are ha wing a "fishing derby" where kids can
bring fish in and we will measure them. The three biggest Fish
that have been ca Light ha ye their measurements on a board. J
Customer: "Are these fish measured in feet?"
He: “No, they are measured in inches."
Customer: "Are you sure'?"
He: “I' m positive considering the biggest according to the
board would have to be 17 feet, and the only fish I can think
of that can grow to be 17 feet long is a shark."
Customer: “You have sharks in this lake?!"
I Now Pronounce You Employed
Me: “Hello sir, what can I get for you?"
Customer: "Hi, are you hiring?"
Me: “No, Cm sorry. This is a business. Is there
something you wanted to eat?"
Customer: "No. I wanted a job."
Me: “I' m sorry sir, but we cannot hire you. If you don' t want
anything to eat, Cm going to have to ask you to leave. We are
very busy today."
fr. he customer leaves, frustrated. Not I o minutes is ten he
returns. J
Me: “Hello again, do you want something to eat now?"
fr. he customer gets down on one knee. J
Customer: "Will you marry me?"
He: "sir, please stand up."
Whole shop appid uds. J
Customer: "Please? It' s my only hope of getting a job!"
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#157 - anonymous (09/29/2010) [-]
If you see this video *takes off sunglasses*
You will probably laugh.
User avatar #147 - thenamestim (09/29/2010) [-]
What website are these on??
#149 to #147 - anonymous (09/29/2010) [-]
NotAlwaysRight . com
User avatar #144 - LaLobaNegra (09/29/2010) [-]
these are ******* great! yes, dumbasses make the world go round. just dont suddenly forget about the last time you did something incredibly retarded. laugh about it!
User avatar #143 - Yung Burst (09/29/2010) [-]
at least the last one shows he's motivated and determined XD
#141 - anonymous (09/29/2010) [-]
I love reading about stupid ppl it makes me feel a little bit better about myself
#140 - borhat **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#151 to #140 - kjp (09/29/2010) [-]
Comment Picture
#146 to #140 - hhmc **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#139 - icanhazBLOOD (09/29/2010) [-]
last one is the best.
User avatar #133 - fredxrated (09/29/2010) [-]
**fredxrated rolls 669,580,237** toooooooooooooo much reading
User avatar #131 - schlickchick (09/29/2010) [-]
I REALLY don't understand HOW people can be THIS STUPID!!!!
User avatar #129 - BingTheDinosaur (09/29/2010) [-]
wooooow EVERYONES doing these compilations now.

I brought it here!!! rawr!!!

i kid, carry on
#152 to #137 - theoriginaltyson (09/29/2010) [-]
why hello half brother
#155 to #154 - theoriginaltyson (09/29/2010) [-]
it must be a family reunion!!!!!!
#156 to #155 - Lawliett (09/29/2010) [-]
User avatar #142 to #137 - epochpenors (09/29/2010) [-]
It means "I'll rape your dead grandparents" in dinosaur.
User avatar #148 to #142 - Lawliett (09/29/2010) [-]
i know what it means, i was just implying that the word has been used to many times so as to have lost all empirical meaning...
User avatar #132 to #129 - schlickchick (09/29/2010) [-]
#134 to #132 - JeffersonSteelflex **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#127 - MawiMowi **User deleted account** (09/29/2010) [-]
#125 - Metus (09/29/2010) [-]
They pull me over.. and they're like yo, my bad I thought you were Indian..

I say what kind, the 7/11 kind, or the kind of Indian that go Wo wo wo wo wooo

The police said I honestly can't tell the difference...
User avatar #136 to #125 - xXrapefaceXx (09/29/2010) [-]
lol i walk up to the police in detroit city and im like excuse me officer im tryng to find some weed.
#130 to #125 - XxNearliekbaconxX (09/29/2010) [-]
But i dislike it when people think of a &quot;indian&quot; american as those people who go &quot;Wo wo wo wo wooo &quot;. It's pretty annoying already growing up as a half native /white child. Due to the racism I have to sometimes deal with at my old school.
But i dislike it when people think of a "indian" american as those people who go "Wo wo wo wo wooo ". It's pretty annoying already growing up as a half native /white child. Due to the racism I have to sometimes deal with at my old school.
#128 to #125 - codenameblacky (09/29/2010) [-]
go cops get the dogs....lets go **** with old folks.....thats right lets get high and pull over black guys...
#121 - TheGmeister (09/29/2010) [-]
-Looks at #3-
#120 - nair (09/29/2010) [-]
FINALLY its new these are fresh.(seriously i read them of the website yesterday night on new posts)
#118 - MyBadGamertag (09/29/2010) [-]
Sorry Ma'am, we're all out of cantaloupe. How about a pear instead?
#124 to #118 - epicjimbo (09/29/2010) [-]
as seen in Icarly
User avatar #135 to #124 - Loststorm (09/29/2010) [-]
iCarly has a pear in her?
User avatar #114 - divinedpk (09/29/2010) [-]
OHHHHH michigan.....
*referring to last one*
#112 - anonymous (09/29/2010) [-]
some of these are just stuff young kids would say, youd expect, also who said the person in the last one was a dude
#111 - anonymous (09/29/2010) [-]
Everyone knows Native Americans are fake. But santa is definitely real.
User avatar #116 to #111 - TurkeyCupcake (09/29/2010) [-]
As is the Easter Bunny
User avatar #119 to #116 - markersXD (09/29/2010) [-]
As is the Tooth Fairy.
#126 to #119 - SirFuckALot (09/29/2010) [-]
As is Manbearpig

I am sooo cereal
User avatar #122 to #119 - ChillyThePenguin (09/29/2010) [-]
and hitler
#145 to #122 - TheErwinRommel **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#108 - TURTLESARECOOL (09/29/2010) [-]
This town you live in must be pretty retarded for these to be true ._.
#138 to #108 - xXrapefaceXx (09/29/2010) [-]
at first he was like (look at top)

then he was like
User avatar #103 - KnowerOfTheDark (09/29/2010) [-]
The real Slim Shady has just stood up...
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