Roommate Confessions Part 4. If you wanna go see them on the website, heres the link: The dryer in eu roommate Confessions
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Roommate Confessions Part 4

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Roommate Confessions Part 4. If you wanna go see them on the website, heres the link: The dryer in eu

If you wanna go see them on the website, heres the link:

The dryer in eur building was broken and my reem mate and I had piles of dirty clothes. Cine day we
decided wash them and let them "air dry". My roommate thought that air drying meant placing all the
wet clothes on my bed (the beatem bunk). I ended up sleeping on the flow since soggy blankets and
millenias are uncomfortable. The next day while he was aut I removed his mattress and galĀ». -re it the illusion
that a mattress still existed. Well, that night my roommate came heme tired as hell and leaped ente his
bed anly to fall through my bed which was covered in celt, soaking wet towels. Surprise?
Evan G. from ASLI
My roommate was a complete dick. He ate all my feed had a bunch of people dyer while I was sick and
trying to sleep he even let his friends cemo dyer and sleep in my bed when I was visiting home. The only
thing he kept around was bread and peanut butter one day I took a piss inte his jar of peanut butter
and let that bad boy simmer fer a few days best part is I get watch him eat peanut butter sandwiches
for two weeks till the whole jar was gone.
Andrew I
One of the guys '. -m the hall is just generally a teel. He thinks he knows about computers, but he really
doesn' t. Se while he was at class, we installed a VNC server (a program that lets we work sameone else' s
computer from your own) and waited. That night, it was his roommate'; birthday, and some people had
made him a cake. Just as everyone was abaut ta go into his reem sing "Happy Birthday," we teek
control of his computer and brought up a shitload of gay porn. He' s still trying to tell people it was a virus.
Anonymous, Wesleyan University
Freshman year, my roommate was the definition of a pussy. The thing that pissed me off most was that he
was a Beginin. I would eat a burger and he would bitch me cut. Se ene night me an bunch of buddies from
our dorm filled his bed with lobsters and steak. His reaction was priceless. He flipped shit and ran out of
the reem crying. He went home and didn' t cemo back for two weeks. He immediately filed for a reem
change and when he came get his shit out of eur derm, he wouldn' t EVEN leek at me.
Mike, School Not Given
Heres the Part 4 you Asked for.
Comment for more and some feedback would be
nice. Some thumbs would be nice as It takes me
a while to find good ones and make this Series
and I would like to think that people actually like
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