If historical events had facebook status. . ii; earshot E News Feed Top liver. -its " Most Recent @ facebook Whet' e on your mind? l Abe Lincoln Going to the th historical faceb
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If historical events had facebook status

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ii; earshot
E News Feed Top liver. -its " Most Recent @
Whet' e on your mind? l
Abe Lincoln Going to the theater tonight with the missus..- got private look seats,
were ago I Comment . Like
do Jenn Wilkes Booth likes this,
Ben Franklin Signed up the declaration of independence today. Bowen,
Ithit were ago - Comment , Like
Frame likes this,
E a Engine ‘Tau mew up new.
25 minutes ago . Like
liltle Jenn Adana Bring it.
l 25 minutes ago . Like
El Beet Franklin You mama: don‘ i stand a enema.
15 minutes ago . Like
Thomas Rationale? More like .
8 minutes ago . Like
5 minutes ago . Like
Cd). Beet So we gathered.
if 2 minutes ago . Like
e Al Ancient Asteroid is hittin' up earth today, if ya know what I mean.
55 mill. -on were ago . Comment . Like
RI! Ren
5 minutea age . Like
Triceratops ,
33 minutea age . Like
liitle - Earth FM.
30 minutes age . Like
own “mauve
iii'; 12 minutea age . Like
Bela maia Space Shame Wohoohoho passing into the atmosphere on our way
new to Earth! The homecoming party is gonna be ammo
T were ago . Comment ‘Like
Medan Control --.ula, guys?
tit", 25 minutes ago . Like
Galileo So tune out the earth... goes around the sun. who knew?
doll were ago ' Comment ' Like
Copernicus likes this,
l E The CHEN henna one you smellin' he
1 hour ago . Like
Galilee Hating- We an feel.
ET min atee age . Like
i The Churn inane rapilight seriously out it out bro II which the
I 42 minutes age . Like
Galilee No Fm riot, "hm''. Want to we my Hui?
minutea age . Like
j l 29 min atee age . Like
Charles Darwin Crazy news... looks like all living creatures evolved from more
basic forms otter millennia.
I 151 were ago 'Comment 'Like
The CHEN henna u drinkin' lore?
l 40 minutea age . Like
Charlene Darwin l' - Andr'
f primates-
27 minutea age . Like
i, j. 25 minutea age . Like
33" Julina My boys pulled together a lil' get together at the ease tonight.
Gonna be killer party.
2053 were ago ' Comment ' Like
Emilia Oh it' ll be killer alright.
3 hours age . Like
y Julieta ‘ -HT Hanan don' t be mew, dude.
2 hours ego . Like
i 'll God Hells? Anyone?
ERIE! were ago (a recording to The Holy Bible] - Comment . Like
I J Get! So emf.
T dew ago . Like
God created Light
God Let mere be it.
T days ago . Like
aiit God created the wow and the Earth
H Goal created Adam
God Could do better
1 we we . Like
i’ God created Eire
do God and The snake like one
1 damago "Like
E The CHEN I lie the that kind better.
l 20 houre age . Like
i Adam and Eire Heated Origianl Sin
The Churn lime the.
E. more age . Like
Jeane Dart wary Dad, I got Ilia
3 houre age . Like
nta nic bitchslapped a pussy lil' iceberg on my way to NY
are ye are ago , Comment . Like
letharg tht do you near?
It houre age . Like
l" '|' . annie ‘roan metre, you new anew! HAHAHA
1 hour ago . Like
mum Say,
E. 5, minutea age . Like
42 minutea age . Like
Iceberg amatter near?
30 minutea age . Like
The Titanic String Quited T, you were train strap Haydn?
25 minutes ago . Like
titantic Nope. cumin’ with me.
20 minutea ego . Like
Isaac Newton God damned apple fell out of a tree and hit me on the heal
we were on - Comment I Like
Insane Newton Whoa, wait a aruond-.-
25 minutes ago . Like
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