Roommate Confessions Part 3. Here's The link -----><br /> also haha sorry for the edi roommate Confessions
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Roommate Confessions Part 3

Roommate Confessions Part 3. Here's The link -----><br /> also haha sorry for the edi

Here's The link -----&amp;gt;<br />
also haha sorry for the edit on the rant I typed it in a hurry and i edited it really badly so yeah bare with me on that one..<br />
PART 1 ---&amp;gt; /funny_pictures/1002752/Roommate+Confessions/<br />
Part 2 ---&amp;gt; /funny_pictures/1002897/Roommate+Confessions+Part+2/

DEC, my ', room mate was a cool guy and all most of the time, but sometimes he would just act all
piss? over mu pid muff, like the type of music I would play even with my headphones on. So one night, he
went to the library to study , on the computers there and left his laptop in the room. However, it
was unlocked and his facebook was still up and active, so I could see everything he was I: loing " it in his
chats. We I just messed around, closing his chat boxes every time he opened one, muff like that. Then I
got bored and lefteh message inna chat box saying, by the patriot act, the Federal government had seized
all of his accounts, including facebook, under suspicions of terrorist activity, and ." e. were on their
way. He believed every word, got back to the room in under 3 minute scared sh* %, got two . S. in the
building involved, who were also fooled, and started planning his new life as a fugitive. Just a bit of
payback = his random freakouts.
Quinten " from University
My roommate was a nice guy really, but kind of a shut in. Instead of going out he would stay in all night
and "work" {he' s premed, so it c@ ked out, those poor batards are really MW. that is until I got a little
suspicious and after much poking around I found out he liked to may in and whack off. And that' s not the
worm part, he would whack off to pictu rm of the Sprouse twins from the Suite Life. He' s Me.. yea rs old and
he loves that show!! I found out he kept a ME case with home burnt DVDs of his iei! and all
sorts of movies that the were in :. I replaced one with another one I made where I replaced the
voice of one of the twins with my own, saying things like "Dude, some horny bastard is watching" or "do
you hear those thumping nobi%... mums like someone is whacking the meat." Needles to say, he was
very embark '2? hhsl! but I amored him no one_ else knows [except for maybe all my friends!] I.
Cole 5. from a College in Maryland
Air. you thought you had complete rights to our room every weekend.
You and your beastly girlfriend would lay up in your top bunk and do whatever
it is l' lhl' . do to reproduce. Your actions were inexcusable, and Drillin
illegal in several states. The smell on Monday mornings was horrendous... so I knew I had to put
a stop to . Luckily, bunk beds aren' t held together with cement. I l% ened a few screw, pulled the
beds apart just a bit, and waited for you two rs to come home. I wasn' t there to watch you two go
at it, but I' heard the outcome from across the hall. After the went off in my dorm room and
you two left in anger, I had the room to myself. It was a good weekend, huh?!
Mike Hg, School Not Given
as semester, I had this b% . roommate who was always taking my muff without asking, usually
breaking it I' m a pretty laid back guy so I kept my mouth shut until he broke .the tripod of my brandinho
HE} camelu. Tune: out he had broken it while filming ' i and his DIME? girlfriend having sex.
Do my bed. Now this is a particularly nice camera. Comes with some_ cool software. You can upload it
directly into a program that makw a really nice WMI A BED which should get to his house ME, in time for
the holidays. Have fun explaining your amateur sex tape to your parents, douchebag.
Brian. Sorta, University of Texas
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cool it's like college humor
User avatar #4 to #3 - MissLolWorthy [OP]
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(09/27/2010) [-]
thats because it is, its a forum/column off the college humour website im pretty sure the links in the description if ya wanna check it out
User avatar #5 to #4 - badboywantsu
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well either way there are like over 200 editions of it so it's all good.
Heck i'll subscribe to you if you do me a tiny favor.
darker bolder text when you write them out. :)
User avatar #6 to #5 - MissLolWorthy [OP]
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well i didnt write them out i copy pasted them, ill make a new one today that i typed out with a bigger bolder text and tell me if its better or not, thanks for the feedback bro :)
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np, i like to see funny cool stuff on funnyjunk, at least you don't take full credit for it and for that i must say it's good funny content so green thumbs from me :)
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First is a fail you can not log into facebook in 2 places.
#2 to #1 - anon
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(09/27/2010) [-]
Yes you can, just not two accounts on the same computer. Try it for yourself. I have mine open on my laptop and on my desktop sideby side right now. There is a few second delay between the chat windows but other than that it works .