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Roommate Confessions

Roommate Confessions
Me and a few buddies shared a room in College, and our neighbor would always wake us up really early
and try to report us for partying, so obviously none of us liked this guy. We were all starting to get fed up
with his shit when I noticed a small hole in the wall right beside my bed. It looked right into this assholes
bedroom, and at night we would watch all the stupid shit he did. Just to list some of the things we saw, and
recorded with a pinhole Tamera,' Him trying to suck his own dick, experimenting with dildos, picking his
nose and eating it, drinking his piss, and many, many other fucked up things. I hope to someday send
these videos to him, just to let him know that somebody saw.
My roommate from my freshman year of college used to scratch my oar when she leaned on it with her
stilettos on to look cool for some guy. She refused to pay for a new paint job so when she finally got a oar
I had a little fun. I scratched "Free Blowjobs" on side of her oar. It was even more hilarious when her
parents ohme to visit the next day and decided to look at the oar they just bought their daughter.
Dylan R., School Not Given
My best friend had a bad roommate first semester of freshman year that ruined her experience in the
dorm and she had to switch buildings. Since I still lived in the old one, when I passed the girl' s room, I' d
write stupid shit on sharpie in their board outside the door. But my friend' s new roommate was
even worse. So she and I crushed Pea up and put it in her tanning oil, squeezed Purell into her
shampoos, stuck gum on the underside of her uglyness shoes, spat in her lotions, and got our boys to jizz
in the girl' s face bream. The girl would always be on the phone with her dumbass friends about
how none of her expensive stuff worked. So she bought even more pricey stuff, and we did it again, and
when she asked how our hair was so shiny and soft, we told her we used Suave. She wouldn' t try it
though, because it was "for poor people." Suck it, bitch.
Laureen T, Kent State
when I was living in the dorms my freshman year whenever we were drinking or smoking my neighbors
would always announce themselves as the police, saying "open this door now!" Deviously covering the
eyehole is a dead giveaway. After a few weeks of this I got a cutout of a police officer. Next time I
knew they were smoking my roommate and I put the output outside their door and knocked saying, "This
is the police, open up'." They flushed their entire stash.
Jason H, Western Michigan University
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Lol nice. Omg what I would do with those tapes, I don't think the guy would ever open his mouth again to anyone. Just one incriminating tape and I can control their entire lives. I can be such an asshole sometimes lmao.
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User avatar #1 - McSweett
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Also this is pretty good, MOAR