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User avatar #15 - redrex (09/29/2013) [-]
at universal studios, you can buy a can of Duff energy drink, the can is pretty awesome and it tastes good too, and you can also buy a really big donut from the simpsons area
User avatar #71 to #15 - xMWxBEASTx (09/29/2013) [-]
The Simpsons ride is a pretty good ride too but it got me dizzy
User avatar #80 to #71 - redrex (09/29/2013) [-]
i feel like im the only one who didn't get dizzy from it
User avatar #62 to #15 - mangostormlegend (09/29/2013) [-]
*NOTE* Not just Universal Studios. There's a candy store in the Blue Mountain ski village in Ontario, Canada that sells them.
#58 to #15 - John Cena (09/29/2013) [-]
There is actually a duff beer too. It tastes like crap.
#18 to #15 - elitekillionaire (09/29/2013) [-]
The flaming moe is pretty good too....
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