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User avatar #70 - twdeathnote (09/19/2013) [-]
That's carma for you.
User avatar #89 to #70 - krasnogvardiech (09/19/2013) [-]
Did they wheely deserve it?
User avatar #102 to #89 - mrmask (09/19/2013) [-]
a bunch of kids run down the road throwing rocks at you, wouldn't say they exactly deserve it put its close
User avatar #104 to #102 - krasnogvardiech (09/19/2013) [-]
Seatriously, you have to be honking my horn with this one.
User avatar #105 to #104 - mrmask (09/19/2013) [-]
at first i didn't understand what you mean, and then it hit me.
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