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#45 - spetsnazvymple
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(07/12/2013) [-]
i was in that exact situation once.
>be 17
>invite friend over for last weekend on shore leave
>hang out for a while
>watching some movies, smokin a little herb the good stuff
>suddenly a ding ding.
>somethings not right.
>the rule at the house is to call before coming
>friends gf showed up at my door asking for my boy
>me being a polite little twat I invite her in
>as she walks by all i smell is old trout
>after a couple of minuets of recovery i come back to see my friend getting awful amorous
>thinking I'm clever i tell them to get a room.
>get call from my sergeant.
>have to be there early Sunday morning
>10minuets of unclear explanation later i finally agree to show up
>come back to living room
>friend and slut cakes are nowhere to be found

#46 to #45 - spetsnazvymple
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(07/12/2013) [-]
>hear rapid thumping
>oh ****
>check all the rooms
>reach mine and open up to find slut cakes and friend in the middle of intercourse
>the smell was somewhere in between rotting sealion and trout
>bitch starts yelling me in literate retardese
>tell her its my room
>I kick them out and the whole house smells of bad sex
>mfw they smoked all my weed
>mfw they ****** in my bed and held a grudge towards me for being mad
>mfw when they ****** on my freshly dry cleaned dress blues
ps, the house smelled like a fisherman's market for 3 days