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User avatar #1 - shadowsknight (07/04/2013) [-]
Damavand Peak is the shit. My friends hate it, I hate them now
#24 to #1 - lankyman ONLINE (07/05/2013) [-]
Unfortunately I'm trapped in the clutch of Metro, I know that map too well, and know where to go and what to do to dominate, so much so I cant turn away from it

Say what you will about Damavand, the base jumping is the shit.

(Also, when you start attacking on Damavand, jump in the centurion (the AA) 99% the enemy heli will climb in range for you to pellet it, you usually wont destroy it, but you will likely to disable it and more importantly, scare the shit out of him, enough for him to do something stupid like crash. Plus no one ever goes on the centurion.)
User avatar #13 to #1 - waterbottlemanboy (07/05/2013) [-]
Which map is that again? I usually play on Canals, Operation Metro, or Karkand
User avatar #10 to #1 - zerokiller (07/05/2013) [-]
Damavand Peak sucks. Noshahar Canals all the way.
#3 to #1 - anonymous Comment deleted by thebuttman [-]
User avatar #4 to #3 - A Pickle (07/05/2013) [-]
nigger, what the fuck are you talking about? Damavand Peak is a map in Battlefield 3.

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