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User avatar #45 - plutoo (07/03/2013) [-]
Bitches be like "Don't .gif that!" only to have it gif'd, funny example, Mari from smoshgames had a Video where in the beginning she pretended to suck on something, then looked at the camera and said "oh my god, I don't know why I did that, somebody will DEFINAILLY .gif that!" ...I haven't seen it .giffed so far...

Attention whore's everywhere
User avatar #182 to #45 - namnori (07/03/2013) [-]
Is that a misplaced apostrophe or were you saying that the attention whore is everywhere?
#69 to #45 - anonymous (07/03/2013) [-]
#51 to #45 - anonymous (07/03/2013) [-]
If she really didnt want that ppl would make gifs of that, she shouldnt have posted the video. what a ******* attention whore.
User avatar #59 to #51 - plutoo (07/03/2013) [-]
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