Half 3 confirmed. All Creddit goes to Mrlickytoes from reddit.
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Half 3 confirmed

All Creddit goes to Mrlickytoes from reddit

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Submitted: 06/28/2013
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#1 - Reeon (06/28/2013) [-]
#4 - babyweewee (06/28/2013) [+] (1 reply)
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#19 - glasssmasher (06/29/2013) [+] (1 reply)
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User avatar #58 - I Am Monkey (06/29/2013) [+] (6 replies)
When they finally announce Half Life 3, I want them to do it on April 1.
The confusion will be biblical.
#30 - jinapayne (06/29/2013) [+] (3 replies)
I use to love these jokes and I still find a lot of the Gabe 3 jokes hilarious but every unoriginal attention seeking ******** on facebook overuses it on every ******* status, not even trying. like:
"3 in that status

Most of them dont even know who Gabe is or even know what Half Life is until now
#10 - thewaronbeingcool (06/28/2013) [+] (4 replies)
**thewaronbeingcool rolls 9**
User avatar #33 - imofcnotharveydent (06/29/2013) [+] (3 replies)
I guess someone think as me, that the half life 3 would never live up to expectations and that it would be a big money whoreing scam if valve tried to make it, which might be why they ain't
User avatar #36 to #33 - tristanscharpman (06/29/2013) [-]
1. Gabe himself has confirmed half life 3 several times
2. half life 2 took just as long
3. people where also doubtful of half life 2 living up to the original
4. valve usually remakes the half life games several times before releasing them if Gabe dosnt think people will be impressed.

remaking halflife 1-2 several times

#34 - sargentcucumber (06/29/2013) [-]
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#65 - godzillaeatslazers (06/29/2013) [-]
**godzillaeatslazers rolled a random image posted in comment #3878579 at MMORPG ITEM COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE ** i did not know that
#57 - latinotornado (06/29/2013) [+] (8 replies)
I ******* hate these jokes
#66 to #61 - wanicochil (06/29/2013) [-]
Well **** , sorry, we will do everything in our power so you aren't inconvenienced for more then a couple of ******* seconds
User avatar #63 - dagramcraka (06/29/2013) [-]
You know HL3 has actually been confirmed right?
#42 - thatmetalguy (06/29/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I'm not really a gamer at all or have played any Valve game except both the Left 4 Deads. If this dude releases HL3, I'm coming here immediately to see all the reactions y'all have
User avatar #17 - biporch (06/29/2013) [-]
IGN Review: 10/10, like Skyrim without 3(s)
#8 - lfunnymanl (06/28/2013) [+] (11 replies)
**lfunnymanl rolled a random image posted in comment #68 at BURN IT!! ** gayben
#22 to #8 - ninjastarthrow (06/29/2013) [-]
What exactly is that?   
Gif semi-related.
What exactly is that?

Gif semi-related.
User avatar #50 - lanikus (06/29/2013) [-]
half life 3 confirmed
User avatar #54 - Hreidmar (06/29/2013) [-]
Ok, so what I've heard is that a while back, Valve accidentally made their studio and developing database public (they fixed it within a minute.) During that time, however, someone managed to snoop out several things.

a) there was a mailing list with the theme of Half Life 3. However, it contained only a few dozen names, and didn't have many uses, which indicates that the game is either in a very early stage of development or has been put in stasis from a while back.

b) there was a much more extensive mailing list with a lot more action on it with the theme 'Left 4 Dead 3' which seems to indicate that that particular project is underway quite seriously.

This is all complete hearsay, and I honestly don't know if I even got half of it right. It's interesting rumour though.
#51 - tastycupcakes (06/29/2013) [-]
i really hope the announcement to half life 3 is extraordinarily non climactic just so all of these crazy half life conspiracies seem wasted
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