best cosplay ever. i find this awesome.. It's awesome until I think to much about what kind of person would like to frolic around in that thing.
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best cosplay ever

i find this ******* awesome

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Submitted: 06/08/2013
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User avatar #264 - infedel (06/09/2013) [-]
you have to be a real heartlessrobot to not think this is awesome
#258 - bdowns (06/09/2013) [-]
**bdowns rolled a random image posted in comment #2 at Llamas and an Invitation ** actually looks real
User avatar #257 - vampireinarm (06/09/2013) [-]
if that ***** starts doing kids parties that bitch is gon be swimming in some mad cash, and everyone knows, CASH = ***** , trust me, i passed geology.
User avatar #259 to #257 - redstag (06/09/2013) [-]
geology huh? I totally trust your judgement.
User avatar #261 to #259 - vampireinarm (06/09/2013) [-]
You sound just like my astronomy teacher, always talking bout them lightbulbs in the sky ******
User avatar #263 to #261 - redstag (06/09/2013) [-]
My quantum physics teacher tried to tell me that 2+2=4, still don't believe that **** .
#281 to #263 - fuckatron (06/16/2013) [-]
I remember once when I went to a biology class, my Math teacher came in with their diagram of the tectonic plates and started saying how Wherefore means "Why" rather than "where", that class did not help me with my test on american presidents.
#255 - neoexdeath ONLINE (06/09/2013) [-]
...Okay, that is pre...What the **** boner? Are you TRYING to get me arrested? I swear, between this, and that thing at the Zoo, and that affair with the Frogurt machine, its a miracle I don't have to wear a goddamn ankle bracelet.
User avatar #241 - funnyfuuuuuu (06/09/2013) [-]
His body language perfectly reflects that of the actual dragon in the movie.

#235 - linajunk (06/09/2013) [-]
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#227 - anonymous (06/09/2013) [-]
Is anyone else bothered by the innacuracy to the books? Did anyone else even read them? No? Just me? Ok. *crawls back into the darkness of anon*
#253 to #227 - itsalwayslupus (06/09/2013) [-]
game of thrones elitism on how to train your dragons.... my response I didn't even know that there were books til you told me
User avatar #238 to #227 - kveykva (06/09/2013) [-]
It's ok little lost anon, I too was rustled deep within my jimmies.
#240 to #238 - anonymous (06/09/2013) [-]
I read those books when I was a kid, they were awesome. why is toothless big? Why are they hunting dragons? What? I didn't even finish watching the movie, I don't want to stain the original image of those books. (Same anon)
User avatar #242 to #240 - chickennoodlez (06/09/2013) [-]
I read them too, you're lucky you stopped watching the movie.. i saw the entire thing and now I'm confused on what was and wasn't in the book..
User avatar #244 to #242 - kveykva (06/09/2013) [-]
Don't get me wrong I loved the movie but wasn't toothless a baby grass dragon? (It's been a while since I read them)
User avatar #246 to #244 - chickennoodlez (06/09/2013) [-]
All i remember is that he was super small, he was green, and they weren't hunting or fighting them like in the movie
User avatar #249 to #246 - kveykva (06/09/2013) [-]
Yea that's pretty much all I've got too other than wanting to cuddle him lol
#243 to #242 - anonymous (06/09/2013) [-]
I'm planning on rereading the books over the summer, it's been a while. Seriously why does every movie based on a book **** up now though? There was Avatar, and Percy Jackson, and...can't think of anything right now but I'm sure there was something.
User avatar #245 to #243 - chickennoodlez (06/09/2013) [-]
Avatar was just a horrible movie in itself
#250 to #245 - anonymous (06/09/2013) [-]
I was laughing in complete, soul consuming rage rage before I shut the the thing off and curled up in a ball, thinking about my life choices. Then I watched the avatar series again and tried to forget that pile of filth.
User avatar #251 to #250 - chickennoodlez (06/09/2013) [-]
No one else I know saw it but at one part the kid spittled a little and sucked it back up, and they didn't ******* cut that out!
#252 to #251 - anonymous (06/09/2013) [-]
Oh dear. If it wasn't for the fact I loved the original series I think I would like it for the same reason I liked the room.
#225 - anonymous (06/09/2013) [-]
User avatar #220 - awakendhybrid (06/09/2013) [-]
This is great! How did she lengthen her arms? She must have built up a lot of shoulder strength for that kind of maneuverability.
User avatar #248 to #220 - thecopyninja (06/09/2013) [-]
she made stilt like wooden extention that she strapped to her hands to act like another arm segment
#218 - trollgiggity (06/09/2013) [-]
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User avatar #217 - maskedguardianmkii (06/09/2013) [-]
It must be hot as balls in that thing.
User avatar #219 to #217 - epicisthefun (06/09/2013) [-]
she put a fan inside
User avatar #234 to #219 - romeosdistress (06/09/2013) [-]
Take it from a guy raised in Miami in a house without central air conditioning, even with a fan it's probably hot as balls in there.
User avatar #239 to #234 - epicisthefun (06/09/2013) [-]
i beleive you man im in daive right now it was ****** 94 out today
#216 - zombiznes (06/09/2013) [-]
not really cosplay, but I thought my friends had a really awesome get up for Halloween.
User avatar #265 to #216 - spanishninja ONLINE (06/09/2013) [-]
fred is a ****** .
User avatar #228 to #216 - spamalope (06/09/2013) [-]
But... but... where's Fred's ascot?
User avatar #230 to #228 - zombiznes (06/09/2013) [-]
I'm pretty sure he just came up with his costume out of his own closet, like not buying anything, so I think it's okay haha. You can still tell which character he's supposed to be (:
User avatar #231 to #230 - spamalope (06/09/2013) [-]
True, very cool though
#232 to #231 - zombiznes (06/09/2013) [-]
my other friend gabby also somehow managed to pull this awesome pirate costume together. she said she didnt buy anything for it, but it's such a perfect pirate costume i really dont know how ahaha
User avatar #233 to #232 - spamalope (06/09/2013) [-]
#222 to #216 - damneegerguys (06/09/2013) [-]
That was probably the coolest thing ive seen all day!
User avatar #223 to #222 - zombiznes (06/09/2013) [-]
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so! haha, they're theater kids at my gov school so they always have to go all out on stuff like that
User avatar #214 - energytwinkie (06/09/2013) [-]
imagine that running at you in a field though
#206 - alwaysneedsahug has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #211 to #206 - yunoknow (06/09/2013) [-]
You pee in that.
#213 to #211 - alwaysneedsahug has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #197 - epicisthefun (06/09/2013) [-]
op here

somore stuffs
#209 to #203 - epicisthefun (06/09/2013) [-]
only for you mike
only for you mike
User avatar #196 - phsycokidx (06/09/2013) [-]
In the thumbnail I thought it was a spider.
#192 - WTFalcon (06/09/2013) [-]
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#187 - falconxmard (06/09/2013) [-]
*Second best
#237 to #187 - romeosdistress (06/09/2013) [-]
Slender Flareon?   
Slender Flareon?

#186 - flyingicecream (06/09/2013) [-]
free timers
free timers
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