Ramsey... My Man. And then she went and FaceBook'd.. This was on frontpage yesterday. off with this shameless reposting. At least try to be smart enough to wait some more days
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Ramsey... My Man

And then she went and FaceBook'd

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Submitted: 05/18/2013
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#285 - TheSchwartz (05/19/2013) [-]
I honestly can't tell if she looks like a surgeon fish or a goblin shark towards the end of the gif. Here's a surgeonfish...
#286 to #285 - TheSchwartz (05/19/2013) [-]
And here's a goblin shark
User avatar #288 to #286 - amadeuseap (05/19/2013) [-]
a bit like both actually
User avatar #282 - heyyyyyy (05/19/2013) [-]
GOD! Her ******* face after Ramsey speaks!! My mind can't comprehend it! It's good looking in a unique way because of her bewildered countenance, but she's not that good looking at the same time because of all the **** make-up! I don't understand..I like her face but I don't, and it's driving me mad.

tl;dr - I have three cats & one dog
User avatar #276 - wherethawhitewomen (05/19/2013) [-]
Did this actually happen?
User avatar #278 to #276 - gtocforyou (05/19/2013) [-]
User avatar #273 - triforcefox (05/19/2013) [-]
Wow! Everyone's complaining about this content, yet it's on the Front Page!
#262 - anonymous (05/19/2013) [-]
I may be wrong but I think he actually said "Horse's Ass".
User avatar #258 to #257 - yesilift (05/19/2013) [-]
dont **** with the internet lol
#254 - anonymous (05/19/2013) [-]
How would he know what horse cock tastes like? ;)
User avatar #256 to #254 - shadowm (05/19/2013) [-]
He's a world class chef, my guess is he's tasted everything at some point
User avatar #253 - etparty (05/19/2013) [-]
Meow meow meow.

Ill just see myself out.]
#251 - sniperdawg (05/19/2013) [-]
MFW I live near that restaurant..
MFW I live near that restaurant..
User avatar #266 to #251 - rhiaanor (05/19/2013) [-]
I hope you mean not in scottsdale, because then, well then I'll have to look down on you
User avatar #274 to #266 - Nameloc ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
Why look down on them?
User avatar #275 to #274 - rhiaanor (05/19/2013) [-]
Its an Arizona thing, you wouldnt know since you are virginian
User avatar #277 to #275 - Nameloc ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
Ah, I suppose Scottsdale is ghetto or some shiz? (Would explain a lot, then.)
I thought it was more of a "I don't like you for wanting to troll" type of thing. Apparently my previous assumptions were wrong.
User avatar #279 to #277 - rhiaanor (05/19/2013) [-]
Ugh.... not ghetto no.... hmm how to describe scottsdale to a non arizonia person.... like imagine an entire city filled with people like Amy and Samy but only about half as bad, and they are either poor as dirt of upper middle-class that act like upper upper-class. It's not even different in schools in Scottsdale, they just have kind of rich kids and poor kids, and it's... its a vicious cycle. I know my nephew's friend's parents are upper middle-class, but they didn't move to Scottsdale because and this is what they actually said "We could, but we don't like spending money." It's hard to explain, expecially since I've never had to explain because it isn't really revealed to the rest of the world. Usually when people talk about Scottsdale, they already know. If you moved here you would probably find out in a year. To be honest, you probably still won't understand.
User avatar #283 to #279 - Nameloc ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
I understand for the most part.
Sorry if it's putting you on the spot.
Sounds horrible/ crazy there.
User avatar #267 to #266 - rhiaanor (05/19/2013) [-]
and that animationhac guy
User avatar #269 to #267 - animationhac (05/19/2013) [-]
I live near the city, I don't mean literately by the street its on. I ain't living in no Scottsdale. Heavens no.
User avatar #265 to #251 - animationhac (05/19/2013) [-]
Arizona gets hotter and hotter every year doesnt it? I live by that restaurant too.
#255 to #251 - anonymous (05/19/2013) [-]
duuuude you should totally **** with them
ask them if they serve positively criticized food
#259 to #255 - sniperdawg (05/19/2013) [-]
yess, guess what i'm doing this summer..
User avatar #272 to #259 - Nameloc ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
Better yet, if you were cocky and had friends with a small HD camcorder...

You could go there and order food with your friends. (Maybe something To-Go, this way it can be one item and cost less.)
Then, once the food comes check and see if it's still **** . (Which it probably will be.)
If it is, say it doesn't meet your expectations, blah blah blah... Maybe ask to see the person who made it to ask what they were thinking on serving **** like this.

By now Samy and/ or Amy should be flipping **** at you.
Keep calm, don't curse or antagonize them, however raising your voice after they raise their's is fine.
Once they start cursing you guys out and trying to kick you out, tell them you won't leave until you get a refund and apology.
Call the cops, have them show up so they can see Samy and Amy verbally abusing you.
If you're outside of the business and Samy is up in your face, you're legally allowed to shove him away. (After all, he is in your personal space...)
Once the cops are there (under reasons for domestic dispute), show them the footage of Samy and Amy verbally abusing you and threatening you by invading your personal space.

By now you'll have enough credentials for keeping your cool and doing the ****** thing whilst having video evidence to support yourself, and are in a position to sue Samy/ Amy and put the video online to de-fame them even more. (Plus I'm sure the cops won't like it that they were verbally abusing you. Not to mention they'll probably start cursing out the cop once you start showing the video and he sides with you.)

Go there, start a **** storm and possibly get Samy and/ or Amy arrested or fined for causing a domestic dispute, all without getting in trouble.

User avatar #248 - occamsrazor (05/19/2013) [-]
Her reaction to that, such a dingus.
User avatar #246 - thebreech (05/19/2013) [-]
there should be a channel for this!
User avatar #241 - xsnowbanex ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
Ok, so this is a bit unrelated, but what in the living **** does chef ramsey eat? Like holy hell this guy will criticize EVERYTHING. I know it's his job and all, but my real question is.... Why is he so revelled in the cooking community? besides running a good business, is he a cook god?
User avatar #270 to #241 - rhiaanor (05/19/2013) [-]
He knows enough to criticize everything, and he usually (on his "game" show) trys to make them lose their cool and see how well they can work under pressure, because in real life your boss isnt gonna be all rainbows and sunshine... and lunch hour and stuff.
User avatar #247 to #241 - DJKitty (05/19/2013) [-]
He plays it up for the camera it's obvious.
If you've ever seen him on other shows like ellen or oprah or the daily show or anything besides hell's kitchen or kitchen nightmares he's actually a really nice guy.
He just acts like a super dick because it's hilarious.
#243 to #241 - biggrand (05/19/2013) [-]
he eats the fourth flavor daily
#236 - good (05/19/2013) [-]
User avatar #292 to #236 - deadinferno (05/19/2013) [-]
You must get mentioned in soooooooo many comments ಠ_ಠ
#238 to #236 - hopskotch ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
Your name is so. ******* . Blue. I couldn't even read it at first. www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XjgHEctcy0 is the source, I don't know at which part.
User avatar #240 to #238 - faithrider ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
good (grumpycat.gif)
#234 - futuremarinesniper (05/19/2013) [-]
you know I think it's quite sad that she grew up to be who she is now because she is so pretty on the outside, it's a damn shame   
red thumbs are expected for me voicing my opinion on funnyjunk
you know I think it's quite sad that she grew up to be who she is now because she is so pretty on the outside, it's a damn shame

red thumbs are expected for me voicing my opinion on funnyjunk
#264 to #234 - footlocker (05/19/2013) [-]
dont stick your dick in crazy
dont stick your dick in crazy
User avatar #281 to #264 - bokkos (05/19/2013) [-]
Rule #3 of an Inevitable Downward Spiral:
Screw a crazy chick, since your inevitable decline is happening. It doesn't matter what she does to you, and it'll be the best goddamn sex of your life. Plus, her influence can help rules 3 and 4 along.
User avatar #252 to #234 - malinko ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
i agree with you bud. thumb from me.
#239 to #234 - hopskotch ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
Nah bro, is an attractive lady. But then again, a lot of the crazies are. It's a trap. D:
User avatar #233 - therealtjthemedic (05/19/2013) [-]
she doesn't blink
User avatar #219 - henryfordthegod (05/19/2013) [-]
But horse fans know that it was uncooked

by that fandom I mean
#216 - onomatopenis (05/19/2013) [-]
This image has expired
User avatar #210 - LocoJoe (05/19/2013) [-]
I want to **** her for the crazy factor.
User avatar #217 to #210 - artyommetro (05/19/2013) [-]
Murphy's war law
#11- Never go to bed with anyone crazier than yourself.
User avatar #237 to #217 - thedarkestrogue (05/19/2013) [-]
i guess its good that i'm ******* insane then.
User avatar #228 to #217 - warzon ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
I always wondered what the rest of the laws of murp was.
User avatar #230 to #228 - artyommetro (05/19/2013) [-]

Here you go all in one.
#231 to #230 - warzon ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
I...think i love you.
User avatar #218 to #213 - akkere ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
Crazy chicks are the best in bed

Just make sure it's not your own bed you're doing the deed in, and get out before she wakes up.
User avatar #224 to #223 - akkere ONLINE (05/19/2013) [-]
I'm sorry, bro
#204 - anonymous (05/19/2013) [-]
Her face looks way too unnatural. Almost like a barbie, just less attractive.
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