Wingardium LeviOHsah. This must be what Seamus' problem in the movie was. Nitrogen triiodide Creddit... Did someone say leviosaaaah?
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Wingardium LeviOHsah

This must be what Seamus' problem in the movie was.

Nitrogen triiodide


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Submitted: 05/15/2013
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#2 - mortalcock (05/15/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Did someone say leviosaaaah?
#1 - necroshiz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #8 - senseiweasel (05/16/2013) [-]
My Dad told me about this stuff - it's a touch explosive with very low destructive power, but it makes a noise "like a rifle being fired next to your ear". He used to make it in his school chemistry lab in the 60's (before the nanny state took the fun out of everything). Apparently he was always getting into **** for sprinkling it everywhere. His favourite uses for it were to coat the benches in lecture halls, for obvious reasons, and on the wall where the cats used to walk because "have you ever seen a cat **** itself 6 feet in the air?"
User avatar #7 - deescalation (05/16/2013) [+] (3 replies)
"Captain Teemo on Duty"
#9 - mrbang ONLINE (05/16/2013) [-]
User avatar #6 - fantomen (05/16/2013) [-]
How to become famous overnight
>step 1: get a whole ******** of iodine crystals, like 10lbs
>step 2: put them on a table
>step 3: pour a bunch of pure ammonia on the crystals
>step 4: wait
>step 5: set up a live webcam feed and film it all
>step 6: Headbut that **** .
#3 - CosplayNinja (05/16/2013) [-]
Wingardium Levi -O **** !
#4 - anonymous (05/16/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Nitrogen triiodide if anyone was wondering...when dry it becomes an extremely unstable shock sensitive explosive
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