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#31 - akho
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(04/30/2013) [-]
According to the logic, if the country has a terrorist cell and some destructive weapons, US will invade it. If they won't, I will be damn disappointed at them...picking on the weak guys but when it's a tough ******, they stand back.
#34 to #31 - winglit
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(04/30/2013) [-]
when the terrorist cell attacks us yes, whos the tough ****** you speak of? Oh Id also like to point out that in order to start a new theater of war a nation must have the permission of the security council, China, Russia, England, France, Spain, any of these nations can Veto a decision to go to war UNLESS the nation in question is directly responsible for attacking Citizens of said nation or agrees to a Declaration of war... you might also be interested in hearing that the prevention of Genocide is one of the primary focuses of the UN and because the USA is one of if not the most powerful countries militarily speaking we have become somewhat of a fist used by the UN to enforce its doctrines, England sent their own Prince to fight in Iraq. It should also be noted that Chechnya has many Islamic militant cells responsible for attacking Russian citizens and civilians (they didnt like that Russia tried to exterminate religion, honestly theyre kinda in the right but they are still violent and dangerous) so any attack on Chechen soil would be an act of diplomatic favor the US helping Russia and strengthening the relationship between 2 of the world powers (something Im not in favor of because the Balance of the 3 great powers is important and an alliance between US and Russia would flip the scale and leave China at a disadvantage) Id also like to point out that a war with China or Russia would end the world... Literally, this isnt simply a case of big man bullying little countries its an attempt to stop attacks against civilians the US wouldnt involve themselves if extremists from the country werent coming here for the explicit purpose of slaughtering our citizens... its not like Chechnya is innoccent anyway, theyve been a site of rebellion for years?
TL;DR "oooo Im so edgy barking about how America sucks gimme thumbs plox" **** off you Illiterate ****