8 animal sex positions 2/8. deal with it faggots.
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shouldnt this be human style?
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What if she crapped?
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>Be me working as staff at summer camp
>Have pit for turtles kids find. A few weeks in, have about a dozen, release a few at random periods
>One morning child brings biggest turtle I've ever seen
>From inner city, wants to name it Black Mamba
>Could give a **** , let the kid do what he wants
>The next day the same kid comes up to me and asks what Black Mamba is doing
>Black Mamba is ******* another turtle. Tell the kid they're just hugging. Repeats for days, at end of week kid brings inner city chaperone
>He stares at the humping turtle for a few seconds and goes " ****** , this ain't hugging. Dis turtles be ******* " turns to me "How yo not know dat"
>Thinking quickly I tell him that I really thought they were hugging. Chaperone goes on to give me the talk, using the ******* turtles to explain various aspects.
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