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#435 - heyimathespian
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(12/16/2012) [-]
Reading through the thread I think people might be misunderstanding. Saying that the shooting could have been prevented if someone treated his mental illness isn't trying to make him a martyr, or feel sorry for him. He is a monster, in every sense of the world; his disease made him that way. That's not an excuse, it's a cause.
And some people say "Well I have blahblahblah disorder, and I make ART" Good for you. Your disease manifested in that way, or you found an outlet. Maybe his didn't. Maybe he never found an outlet. Maybe he never found one because he never even really knew he was insane. Lots of certifiable people don't, especially schizophrenics.
To acknowledge and explain his mental illness isn't trying to lessen the horribleness of this incident, but it may prevent more occasions like this from happening.

There's an article (published in newsday I think?) But it's called "The C word in the Hallways." It explains what I mean