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#161 - fractalius
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(12/06/2012) [-]
I for one love Diablo 3. It brought my brother and I really close. We both have played some online games before, but not that much together. His soon-to-be best man, him, and I got diablo 3, I was the DH, his friend the monk, and him the barb, and we beat the game through all four difficulties. Taylor (bros friend) has been best friends with my bro since they were in like elementary school, and its so funny hearing them go at it while playing. I could honestly sit there without talking and just follow them, and listening to them bicker with eachother was enough to keep me laughing my ass off. Since then we've beat Borderlands 2 (and all raid bosses on all DLCs), played a **** ton of Civilization and Torchlight 2, and are currently looking for more games like Borderlands or Diablo 3 to play together. I've never really talked to him that much, and since D3 it's beens o much fun