It Will Be The Finest Moment, They Said. .. You fail, nephew. I am disappointed.
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#6 - krasnogvardiech (12/01/2012) [-]
You fail, nephew. I am disappointed.
User avatar #12 to #6 - ikezawahanako (12/01/2012) [-]
I guess his finest moment will end with a bang.
#10 - trojanmannn (12/01/2012) [-]
These aren't my glasses
#9 - randombrony (12/01/2012) [-]
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#11 - herpymcderp (12/01/2012) [-]
And then it starts crying.
User avatar #24 to #11 - djponee (12/01/2012) [-]
That's the best part.
User avatar #1 - DirecDescendant (11/30/2012) [-]
I applaud this post for it made me chuckle.
#15 - waffies (12/01/2012) [-]
This content was on FP a week or so ago, but i failed to save it then so i thank you OP. And also, here's a story that this gif reminds me of

<--My best friend and I got some of these things, the punching balloons that bounce back to your fist on a rubber band? Filled 3 of them up with water. These things were durable as hell so each got a 3 foot diameter or so. We loaded one onto his massive ******* trampoline and basically played Russian roulette with that thing, each jumping closer to it, making it go higher until eventually it either nailed one of us in the face, or we slipped on the wet trampoline and had it come down and crush our chests inwards.

I miss being small enough where i could say a waterballoon was heavy and hurtful :/
#23 to #15 - John Cena (12/01/2012) [-]
#19 - niggardoblaickoise (12/01/2012) [-]
wouldn't be as funny without the title
User avatar #20 - critality ONLINE (12/01/2012) [-]
its just perfect how his face squishes into the grass
User avatar #18 - eclecticparadigm **User deleted account** (12/01/2012) [-]
This is what happens when you let kids play with breast implants.
#3 - Schmeckle (11/30/2012) [-]
I like the splash its face made.
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